Basic Safety After Fire Damage
Fire Damage

Basic Safety After Fire Damage

A tragic house fire can leave wreckage and debris in its wake, along with questions about how to proceed. It is a natural instinct for a homeowner to want to inspect the property immediately after the fire has diminished. However, a home is still not safe after flames are extinguished. Fire damage has llong-lastingeffects and the most important thing to remember in their wake is that safety should be your overriding concern. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary by attempting to enter a smoldering building. Instead, protect yourself and your family from heavy smoke and drifting dust particles.  Protecting your family from the dangers that surround a fire-damaged building is much more important than immediately determining the state of the building. Bear in mind a few steps when entering a fire-damaged building. Keep your distance from any building that has suffered fire damage if you are unsure of what you are doing. It is best if a licensed fire restoration professional inspects your home if you have any doubts.

Remember that safety comes first. You have already survived fire damage; do not harm yourself through hasty or uninformed decisions. When first entering your home, you should watch for structural integrity. Attempt to spot any hot areas that may flare up later. It is essential that you determine the building is structurally sound before venturing into the interior. Once this has been determined, make sure that the power supply and lines are secured. Look around the property for fallen power lines or poles. Electrical wires can cause severe shocks and power line poles might have become unstable or sustained damage. As you move around the property, make sure that areas filled with ash are noted and avoided. Pits or enclosed areas filled with ashes can flare up and create hazardous conditions. Recheck the property for live flames and other hazards once again. If you are unable to accurately determine whether a building is structurally sound or you have personal health issues it is highly recommended that you stay clear of the building and wait for professional fire restoration inspectors. There are many varied dangers that surround a building that has suffered fire damage and many of them are extremely dangerous.

House fires have a tendency to flare back up when you think they have gone out. Disturbing or releasing smoldering embers is extremely dangerous as it can cause flare-ups or flash burns. Ensure that the remains are wet down and damp to protect yourself. Remove hazardous materials extremely carefully. When dealing with fire damage, remember to always use protective gear. Despite your own personal experience or knowledge, remember to have professionals present when inspecting your home after a fire. If it is determined that your home is unsafe for habitation, remember that most insurance companies will cover living expenses that result directly from the fire damage, if you have already covered yourself for fire damage. Keep these important steps in mind immediately after you have to deal with the aftermath of a fire – it is most important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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