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Get safe, reliable water, fire and mold home restoration services from a Restoration Local® contractor near you. Our restoration specialists offer 24-hour service and a 30-minute response for all of our disaster restoration services.

Whether water enters through your foundation, basement, roof or even leaks from a pipe, it can cause major damage throughout your home. If you have water, sewage or a flood, cleaning up and restoring your home is no problem for our restoration contractors. We offer quick water removal and damage repair.

Get professional restoration services after a fire to help you deal with the trauma and stress of cleaning up the damage. From smoke and soot removal to rebuilding, our restoration contractors will assess the damage and implement a plan to clean and restore your home.

If you are concerned about mold in your home, let our restoration specialists clean and disinfect your home. Trained and certified in removing mold, they will remove the mold, address structural damage and improve the air quality to keep your family safe.

More Cleaning and Remediation Services

Restoration Local® provides complete damage cleanup and restoration services. Whether you need biohazard removal, flood cleanup, storm damage repair or sewage extraction, we have restoration contractors near you to clean up and repair your home.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our restoration specialists will clean and disinfect your home after a traumatic event or tragedy.

Flood Damage Restoration

From plumbing malfunctions to heavy rains, get water removal and remediation services near you.

Storm Damage Cleanup

We offer dependable disaster restoration services for damage after a hurricane or severe storm.

Sewage Cleanup

Restoration Local® is here to help when you need sewage removal and home restoration services.

Commercial Restoration Services

With local restoration contractors near you, our specialists will repair damage to your business fast.

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Mold Removal
What Is Green Mold and Is It Dangerous?

Green mold is the common name for any fungi that grows green. Like all types of mold, it will grow inside your home with a consistent water source. You may think it needs a major water source, like a leak or a flood. But it can even grow in humid

biohazard cleanup - safe cleanup for blood spills, infectious diseases and other dangerous hazards
Biohazard Cleanup
Who to Call to Clean Up Biohazards?

Biohazards are any substance that is dangerous to humans and pets. These include bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis and MRSA that are highly infectious. Due to the health risks, you should never attempt to clean up biohazards on your own. Our overview of how to clean up biohazards explains these risks

Fire Damage
How To Get Smoke Smell Out of Furniture After a Fire

Do you have a lingering smoke smell in your furniture after a fire? Stubborn smoke smells can linger in your furniture for weeks or even months. While you can just throw it out, furniture is expensive to replace. If you have fire damage, we explain how to clean smoke damaged

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?
Water Damage
When Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

One of the most common questions we hear is “does homeowners insurance cover water damage?” While you are looking for a simple yes or no, unfortunately, it’s not that easy. From the source of the water involved to your individual policy, there are many factors that determine whether or not

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It takes experience and the right equipment to clean up water, fire or mold damage properly. Let the experts at Restoration Local® give you peace of mind after a disaster or emergency. Licensed and insured, our contractors will get the job done right and keep your family safe.

Restoration Local® makes it easy to get water, fire and mold restoration services near you fast. With contractors covering 95% of the continental United States, we offer 24-hour emergency services and less than 30-minute response time. Call us now for a free in-person estimate from a certified restoration contractor.