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Fire Damage Restoration Process

House fires can be caused by anything from a faulty electrical outlet to a cooking mishap to a candle knocked over by a pet. Regardless of how a fire starts, the stress and cost take a toll on everyone involved. The process of recovering after a fire is time consuming and encompasses all of your thoughts until the work is complete. As a fire damage restoration company, it’s our job to make this process as quick and painless as possible for you. From start to finish, you can be sure we have covered all of our bases.

The first step in the fire damage restoration process is to evaluate the situation. After we’ve been given the okay to examine the property by local authorities, we will enter the home and work out a plan of attack to clean out the smoke and ash and restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

All contaminated items are removed from the area. This may mean items contaminated by ash and smoke or items destroyed by water used to put out the fire. Any items that can be saved will be kept and cleaned thoroughly.

The removal of smoke from walls, floors, furniture, etc., is a lengthy and difficult process. It includes removing the smell of smoke with air scrubbers so there is no reminder of the fire disaster that occurred in the home.

Our fire damage restoration teams will also restore your home to its pre-loss condition meaning they will fix walls, roofs, ceilings, etc., so your home looks the way it did before the fire occurred.

We will work with you closely so you know exactly what is being done, why it’s being done, and when it’s being done. If you object to any step in the process, we are here to listen. It’s our job to make sure you are as comfortable with the restoration process as possible.

Our fire damage restoration specialists have decades of experience with all types of fire damage and work only with the safest and most technologically advanced equipment to make your home the place you remember. We offer free estimates and are available 24/7 for your fire damage needs.