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Garbage Disposals And Water Damage

As I mentioned HERE, garbage disposals haven’t always been my friend. If not used properly, garbage disposals can cause massive amounts of water damage in your kitchen and surrounding areas via a leak, clog or burst pipe. And, it’s usually not just water that leaks from a garbage disposal…it’s food and whatever waste you’ve tried to dispose of. Keeping your garbage disposal in working order can prevent these disasters.

Here are some things you want to avoid putting into the garbage disposal! Some of these are common sense, but sometimes we think “just this once”…and that can spell trouble!

Potato/apple peels – Especially potato peels. Potato peels get pasty when mixed with water.   This is not something you want in your pipes. Apple peels and even cucumber peels just don’t always break down well enough to get through the pipes well. Put your peels in the garbage! (Note: To totally contradict myself here, feel free to put a few lemon peels into the garbage disposal. They break up easily and will help keep it smelling fresh!)

Pasta! – This was the one that got me. Pasta – including rice – expands when it gets wet. This can clog up your whole system…as I’ve learned firsthand.

Bones. – I’ve never thought to put bones down the garbage disposal, but it is something people do. Bones can wreak havoc on the garbage disposal’s blades and they also don’t grind down well enough to work their way through your piping.

Grease – I think most people know you’re not supposed to put grease down any drain, but sometimes laziness takes over and rinsing it down with hot water seems like an easier route than jarring or bagging it then disposing it. Hot water doesn’t stay hot forever and the grease WILL clog your pipes at some point during its trip down the drain. This is probably the number one cause of kitchen sink plumbing problems.

A tip I found to keep your garbage disposal blades sharp is to run a few ice cubes through.

A garbage disposal should last many years. Making sure it’s maintained will ensure not only a long lifespan, it’ll also prevent the water damage it can cause. If your garbage disposal has caused water damage, contact a water restoration specialist to help restore the damage it has caused.