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Hurricane Isaac Spins Excitement on 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Isaac is headed straight for the Louisiana. Seven years ago the infamous Hurricane Katrina was headed on the same exact path. With good reason the similarities of the path of the storms is causing much concern and even panic. However, aside from the path of the storm it should be noted that the similarities between to two storms end here. When Hurricane Katrina crashed into New Orleans and devastated the entire city the hurricane was a category five. The good new is that Hurricane Isaac is predicted to hit at much lower rate of a category two hurricane.

Despite the fact that Hurricane Isaac is predicted to be a much smaller hurricane than Katrina it is still extremely important to take the appropriate safety precautions. This includes boarding up your home and taking the steps to avoid water damage and flooding from destroying your home. Even though Hurricane Isaac is a lower category storm than Hurricane Katrina it is important to take the storm seriously as even a category two tropical storm can cause significant damage.

Sever weather advisories predict that Hurricane Isaac will hit land at approximately 5:00pm EST. Currently the tropical storm sits in the Gulf of Mexico with wind speeds up to 70mph, however winds are expected to pick up to 100mph when the storm enters Louisiana. The city of New Orleans is prepared, as many new systems have been put in place after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

Overall, it is important to understand that this storm is predicated to be significantly smaller than Hurricane Katrina, but it is just as important to stay focused on safety precautions for your home and loved ones.