Minot Flooding

This year’s abnormal and extreme weather does not seem to want to cease. Our country has been battered with 3 feet pile of snow and left devastated with one of the highest numbers of tornados in recorded history. Unfortunately, does not surprise us to turn on the news these days …

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Preventing Water Damage: How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

From unexpected weather to faulty plumbing, water damage is often unpredictable. However, preventing water damage in your home isn’t entirely impossible. With regular maintenance and inspections, you can limit the chances of a catastrophic water emergency. In most cases, the only specialized tool you need to prevent water damage is …

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Structural Risks of Water Damage

If your property ever becomes exposed to a good amount of water due to flooding or other water-related issues, it can quickly cause structural damage to your property. Besides health risks such as mold. Water damage can cause the following. Unstable Structural Concerns: Foundation and Concrete problems Support Columns can …

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Animals Stranded in Flooding

When flooding occurs it can be devastating not only to people but also to animals.  Too often, animals are stranded and left behind. People who have animals they have left behind or know of animals that have been stranded by a flood should alert local animal shelters and work with authorities to ensure the safety …

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