Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration

Spring the Flooded Basement Season

Everyone knows the saying “April showers brings May flowers”. However, this year the showers are coming much earlier in the season and in most cases the storms are much more severe. With large amounts of rain the spring is the season not only for growth and renewal but also for flooded basements. Before water damage enters through the cracks of your basement make sure you take all the steps that you can to prevent water damage.

  1. The first and most obvious step to take when spring brings larger amounts of precipitation is to check the foundation of your home for new or growing cracks. Although your basement may have had minor cracks in it during the fall that didn’t leak the winter can enlarge these cracks so that water has room to get into your home. This happens when existing water sits within the crack and when the colder weather freezes the water, making it expand with enough pressure to create larger or new cracks. This is why it is important to address any sign of trouble before they grow into big problems.
  2. When trying to prevent your basement from flooding it is also important to make sure all the gutters and outside drainage systems are working properly and leading away from the base of your home. If drainage systems are not properly working then all the water that falls on your home slides off and pools up around the base of the home. With sitting water collecting around your home it makes it much more likely to have a flooded basement.
  3. Third, when trying to prevent water damage to your basement it is also important to make sure that inside drainage systems are working properly. Drainage system and sump pumps can give out or get clogged over time. When this happens any water that would naturally be drained out of the basement will build up and sit within your walls. Check to make sure all systems are working properly before finding out the hard way.

Overall, it is always important to do whatever you can to prevent your basement from flooding, however with our busy schedules we don’t always get around to things as soon as we would like. If you should ever find yourself in trouble with a flooded basement be sure to call a water restoration specialist to remove the water for you as well as cleaning up the damage. Water damage companies have the tools as well as trained specialists to clean up the mess effectively and quickly allowing you to get back to your normal life.