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Warm Spells can Result in Frozen Pipes

Across the U.S. most states are having some of the warmest months on records. In most cases these temperatures are taken by an average throughout the month, meaning that there are dramatic shifts in temperatures. Temperatures have risen and dropped up to 30 degrees from one day to the next. Although most people don’t mind the sudden burst of warmer weather, it is important to keep an eye of the forecast in order to protect your home from water damage.

With Spring just around the corner and warm spells in the forecast it is important to make sure you keep your thermostats running. As we move further away from winter many people turn off their heaters, to try and save money on the energy bill, or because they think that they will not need to use it until next winter. However, turning off the heater can cause significant damage to your home. If temperatures drop low enough for water to freeze in pipes or outdoor faucets then it will result in the fracturing or bursting pipes.

Bust pipes can result in significant water damage to the home, especially because the homeowner does not identify the damage right away. If you come across water flowing from a burst pipe it is important to turn off the main water source to the house, otherwise the water will continue to flood your home. From this point it is advised to call a water restoration specialist to fix the burst pipe for you and appropriately clean up all water intrusion.

As warmer weather approaches it is important to make sure you do not jump the gun when turning off your heaters. Even if you are going out of town for the weekend it is important to keep your thermostat on, in order to avoid frozen pipes. If you should run into a leaking pipe be sure to call a water damage company to restore you home back to working order.