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Water Damage Restoration – The Clock Is Ticking

Water damage in the home is far too often overlooked by property owners. They may notice a spill, or a water stain where none existed before, but they don’t do anything about it because a) it doesn’t look that bad, b) it’ll get better if they leave it alone, or c) they’re just too lazy or preoccupied to take the action necessary to fix the problem.

Well, a) it is that bad, b) the problem will only get worse with time, not better, and c) acting quickly is a prerequisite for handling any kind of water damage. Even the smallest spills can create long lasting after effects, the same small spill can quickly turn into a major one if given enough time (don’t believe me? Remember that the Grand Canyon was a little ditch at one time), and you have to remember that the clock is ticking.

For starters, water continues to cause damage for as long as it is allowed to stand. Flooring and carpeting can be ruined in short order, and water can rapidly crawl up drywall and sheetrock, requiring major structural repair to the property. Water will also settle into every nook and cranny of your home, including those spaces that you may not think to look. What starts as a leak in your bathroom or kitchen will invariably end up in your basement or crawlspace, where it will sit unnoticed until you either go looking for it or it has caused damage too serious to be ignored.

Water can also go to work on the structural support for your home, contributing to the premature rotting of wood and rusting of metal. With enough time, the structure may be seriously compromised, making it unsafe for habitation.

The other long term aftereffect is much more serious…..mold.  Mold is the single most common byproduct of water damage, typically appearing within 72 hours of a water damage event (or sooner if the water damage is sewage based), establishing itself rapidly, and spreading like a bad rash. Mold is not only difficult to remove, but can bring with it all manner of health issues ranging from the slight to the severe.  In most cases, mold related health issues are confined to skin irritations, sneezing, and other allergic type reactions.  There is the risk however, of more serious problems such as neurological disorders and respiratory failure. Children, the elderly, pretty much anyone with weak or underdeveloped immune systems may be at risk for serious health hazards.

Given the big picture, it is easy to understand why water damage restoration should begin as swiftly and thoroughly as possible.  Once these long term problems establish themselves, you’re looking at significantly higher repair costs, not to mention the inconvenience of being displaced while the problems are rectified.

Water damage restoration professionals should be called in as soon as the area in question has been stabilized and the area is secure. An industry certified company should be able to be at your door within the hour to properly assess your situation and begin the water damage restoration process.

What we’re saying is that the clock is ticking.  Call your local water damage restoration professionals today.