Returning Home Following Flooding...
Flood Damage

Returning Home Following Flooding

If you live in Illinois, you have experienced this week just how formidable Mother Nature can be, with the rainfall and flood conditions that have plagued much of the state.  You may also be a homeowner who is facing the very real possibility of returning home to widespread damage and property loss

The good news is, for all the havoc it wreaks, water damage repair is not only possible, but your home or business can be restored to its former glory, if you take the right steps in the right order.

When you are cleared to return to your home, the first step is to check for damage.  Turn off all electricity and gas before making this inspection; you do not want to be poking around in standing water with the electricity still on!  Take plenty of pictures of the damage; these will prove invaluable later on during discussions with your insurance provider.

It is not advisable to try and take on the repair effort yourself.  Water damage repair is a multilayered process which, if not done right, can lead to additional and more costly, problems later on, such as mold or structural weakening.

For most cases of water and flood damage, you will want to contact a local water damage repair company, one that can oversee all aspects of the repair process, and will treat your home and possessions as if they were their own.  The ideal company should be certified through the Clean Trust  (formerly the IICRC), and offer qualified technicians trained on the latest water damage repair equipment and techniques.  And because nobody enjoys dealing with insurance companies, they can also serve as the point man for you, making sure that the process is executed and paid for in a timely manner.

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