St. Charles Parish Officials take Precautions for Isaac
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St. Charles Parish Officials take Precautions for Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac begins to breach the coast of Louisiana, City officials of St. Charles Parish warn the public of safety precautions. A lot of fear surrounds tropical storm Isaac as memories of Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in people’s minds. City officials ranging from the mayor to utility workers have taken the time to warn the public to take precautions and to stay indoors.

The police department has taken several steps to keep citizens safe throughout the storm. Today the Sheriff’s office has stressed that people should stay indoors. Police officials are concerned that people who leave their homes to experience the storm can endanger themselves and take up unnecessary emergency response personnel. To help keep people safe a curfew has also been put into effect starting the evening of August 28th and will carry into Thursday.

Utility officials of the city tell communities to report power outages and be patient when waiting for power to return. Officials continued to stress the importance of leaving loose power lines alone in danger of being electrocuted. Even if the power line appears to be turned off it is extremely important to avoid them at all cost.

Concerns of people being out on the roads during the hurricane have also been addressed. Highway 90 has been closed to through traffic until further notice. Authorities hope closing the road will keep people in their homes during the intense weather as well as keeping the roads open to emergency vehicles if they should be needed.

As Hurricane Isaac continues to move forward it is important to avoid going outside at all costs and set up camp in a safe room. City officials of St. Charles Parish are doing everything they can to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens and encourage them to stay tuned for further instruction as Hurricane Isaac continues to move forward.

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