Water Damage from Hurricane Isaac
Storm Damage

Water Damage from Hurricane Isaac

Over the past few days, Hurricane Isaac has moved slowly across Louisiana producing high gusts of winds and large amounts of precipitation. Yesterday Tropical Storm Isaac was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm, however, the effects of the weather are still being felt across the state.  Depending on the path of the storm many communities have experienced more significant damage from Hurricane Isaac than Hurricane Katrina.

Flood damage from Isaac has been significant in the few days that it has been on land. In some areas, levees have broken causing significant flooding in communities that were expected to stay dry. In other areas, flooding has resulted from rising river levels that have put entire communities under water.  Waiting for water levels to subside will be a hard feat to the many people who have been evacuated.

As government and state officials have kept many people safe with rescues and evacuations the fact is that the people who have been forced to leave their homes are devastated over the loss and destructions of their property. Water damage from Isaac will be extensive even for communities who are not in flooded areas. Any water entering a home from a broken window, leaking roof or flooded basement can cause large amounts of damage and be costly in repair efforts. Even small amounts of water that enters the home can cause significant problems.

Moving forward communities will need help in restoring and rebuilding everything that has been destroyed by the tropical storm. Houses and apartment buildings, businesses and community facilities have been completely destroyed by water damage that will need to be restored completely. The water damage is extensive, but the good news is that the storm continues to weaken and move further away from the flooded communities.

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