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Los Angeles Water Damage & Restoration

Our water damage and restoration professionals have been serving the Los Angels area for decades. If you are looking for a restoration company, look no further. Restoration Local can assist you with your water damage, flooded basements, mold removal, sewer cleanup and fire damage. Our licensed and experienced technicians have been serving Los Angeles residents for years and are ready to help you as well. We are proud of our work and are experienced in anything home restoration.

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Home Damage

If your home has damage caused by water, fire or mold it is time to act. Postponing could cause more damage to your home and poses a health risk to you and your family.

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Home emergencies don't happen on your time table. By calling day or night you are connected with a technician who can answer your questions and take care of your needs.


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We take home damage very seriously which is why we have a 30-minute response time. We will be at your home in less than 30 minutes to assess the situation.


Once we make it to your home our technicians will assess the home damage and provide a FREE no obligation estimate for you to review.


Our technicians are certified, licensed and insured professionals and will work with your insurance company. Our customers are our #1 priority.

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From Unusable to Perfected

Home damage can come in many forms from water, mold or fire. Each can be devastating in its own way and can make a once useful space of your home unusable and potentially dangerous. At Restoration Local our technicians are certified professionals prepared to bring the damaged parts of your home from unusable to perfect. We employ the latest strategies in home restoration and ensure your home is back to or better than its original state.

Water damaged ceiling
Restoration of water damaged ceiling

“I called on a Saturday morning with a flood. They came out, ripped up my carpet and dried my whole basement. They also worked directly with the insurance which made it very easy for me. The thing I liked the most was that they did everything from start to finish, so we only had to deal with them for carpet / walls / paint etc. I recommend highly”

Kyle P


  • Emergency Water Damage
  • Wet Basement
  • Mold Removal & Remediation
  • Fire & Smoke Repair Service
  • Sewage Restoration
  • Water Damaged Floors, Ceiling and Drywall




Your Los Angeles emergency water damage is our water damage emergency. We’re here for you 24×7.

flooded basement in Los AngelesYour LA property has been damaged by water. You see the visible signs of water damage:

  • water rings, bloated wood and bubbling walls
  • sagging ceilings, brown stains and warped wood
  • dark mold, sour or stale odors


And what you see on the outside looks bad but you can only imagine the extent and horrors of the damage beneath the surface. If water has wreaked havoc on your property and you’re in the Los Angeles area, there’s no time to waste. When you experience moderate to severe water damage, you need an experienced professional team to step in, grab their tools and get to work. That’s exactly what we do. When you call, we immediately spring into action.

And unlike most water damage restoration companies, we don’t bury you in a mountain of paperwork before we get started. Because when dealing with water damage time is not on your side, But we are. We’re LA’s most responsive water damage restoration team. We’re on call 24×7, provide FREE estimates and work with insurance companies. Broken pipes, backed up sewer systems, Mother Nature … no matter the cause of your water damage, we handle it all so you don’t have to. At Restoration Local, our team of water damage cleanup professionals in Los Angeles help hundreds of people recover from the ravages of water damage every year.

Here’s the bad news, if you’ve noticed any of these, you’ve got water damage:

  • soaked drywall
  • drenched carpets
  • water logged exposed beams
  • blistering paint or wallpaper
  • warped walls
  • stained or cracked floors
  • sagging ceilings
  • flooded basements
  • smelly rooms


But here’s the good news, we are here to help and deal with it all … and then some. Let us deal with your Los Angeles water damage problems.



Our Los Angeles water mitigation specialists quickly investigate, estimate and mitigate water damage and put you squarely back on the path to recovery. Leaky roofs, leaky windows, leaky toilets, leaky water mains. Leaks happen and they always happen when you least expect them. Here in the Los Angeles area, we see it all the time. Super dry conditions followed by extremely wet conditions which result in water damage. Wild weather patterns have taken their toll on the homes and businesses in LA and surrounding areas.

Since 2016, more than 13.25 inches of rain have fallen in the Los Angeles area. That’s a 200% increase over previous years. And the forecast calls for more of the same. When Mother Nature opens the floodgates on you it’s a blessing and a curse. And there’s very little you can do about it. The simple truth is, if you live in or near Los Angeles it’s not a matter of “if” water leaks will happen to you, but when. And when leaks happen, there’s one Los Angeles water restoration team you can count on to stand by your side and give you an honest, accurate assessment of exactly what it will take to get things back to normal.

Gray water, black water, bacteria and mold – what does it all mean and should I be worried?

In a word, yes, you should worry. Undetected bacteria and mold are leading causes of asthma and respiratory problems. If you suspect you, your family or your employees are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory problems, don’t wait to call us. As soon as you call, we’ll send a Restoration Local team to thoroughly inspect and investigate your property for mold and bacteria. If we find evidence of moisture caused mildew, mold or bacteria, we’ll provide a report and a comprehensive plan on how to get rid of it all. We are experts in Mold Remediation in Los Angeles.

The old adage, what you don’t know can’t hurt you doesn’t apply. Because when it comes to mold, mildew and bacteria what you can’t see can quite literally hurt you. Even if you’ve had another LA-based water damage restoration company mitigate your water damage, you owe it to yourself and the people around you to have us come out for an inspection. There’s good reason for that. Look, not all water damage restoration companies are equal. We hate to say it, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know. The water damage restoration industry is full of charlatans and pretenders out to make a quick buck. But at Restoration Local, that’s not how we roll. You trust and depend on us because the people around you trust and depend on you.

We take our jobs seriously and pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest water damage repair tactics and techniques. Our inventory is fully stocked with the absolute best water damage restoration equipment on the market. Like you we have families and friends we want to protect. You won’t find a more energetic, more informed or more willing water damage restoration team in Los Angeles. We guarantee it.

Do we handle dry outs, clean ups and construction?

Yes. When you’re dealing with water damage repair and clean up, the last thing you want is the hassle of dealing with multiple contractors pulling you in different directions all at once. We handle every job using our proprietary systemized water damage and repair process. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We’re available and we’ll be by your side in 30 minutes or less.

Once we arrive, we start by conducting a full investigation of your property. We take copious notes and photos. Then we quickly design a comprehensive plan customized to your specific needs. Our goal is to put everything in your life back together so you’d never even know you had water damage of any kind. The first step is drying the water and figuring out what’s causing the damage. Sometimes you already have a good idea and point us in the right direction. If not, that’s okay. After years of providing water damage restoration services, we know the likely culprits and know exactly where to look.

We’ve seen it all. And then some.

  • broken dishwashers
  • leaking washing machines
  • burst shower pipes
  • toilet overflow
  • burst water heaters
  • corroded window seals
  • leaky faucets
  • sewer malfunctions
  • broken sprinkler lines
  • warped floors, walls, ceilings
  • flooded basements


If water flows through it, in it or around it we’ve seen it leak, burst or break. And dealt with the cleanup and restoration afterward.

Your comprehensive water restoration plan will include everything that needs to be done to get you back to where you were before the water damage happened.

Our process:

  1. First we investigate. We’ll find and list everything that needs to be done, including removal, cleanup and restoration.
  2. Then we fix broken pipes, drywall, painting and most other types of mechanical and plumbing issues we find.
  3. Then we clean the entire water damage mess so you don’t have to.
  4. Once we’ve repaired and restored your property, we even deal with the inspectors if needed.


Insurance companies know our reputation and trust us to get the job done right the first time.

When you’re staring at a flooded basement in Los Angeles with soggy carpets or soaked hardwood, the last thing you want to deal with is some insurance bureaucrat who doesn’t really care about your situation or what you’re going through. That’s okay. We care about what you’re going through and we’ll handle the insurance company for you. Because we deal with them all the time, we know exactly how to work with insurance companies to make sure you get the best possible results from your insurance policy.

Your emergency is our emergency. Your problems are our problems.

If you’re in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas, and you need flood repair, emergency water removal or disaster cleanup of any kind, we’re here to make your problems go away. We treat our customers like family. Our highly trained water restoration and repair staff will answer all of your questions and walk you through your options. Whether your job is big or small, give us a call anytime. We’re here for your 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Speak with a water damage repair and restoration specialist.

As soon as you call we’ll dispatch an experienced and professional water restoration and emergency team to your location. We’ll be by your side in thirty minutes or less. That’s a promise. We’ll send a team out to investigate your water or fire damaged building, structure or property and give you a FREE estimate and a comprehensive plan to mitigate, rebuild and restore your house or office.