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Water Damage and Flood Restoration

Water damage and flooding can cause a large number of possible losses when water enters through your foundation, basement, roof or other areas of your home or business. Immediate response time and a comprehensive water and flood restoration assessment are critical to avoid long term structural damage and health issues. Thorough water extraction, removal of excess moisture and disinfections should be done by a certified restoration specialist .

Restoration Local is available 24/7 and has a response time of less than 30 minutes.

Fire Damage and Smoke Restoration


Fire damage and smoke damage can cause thousands of dollars to your home, business and property. Quick response cleanup by certified fire restoration specialists can help minimize damages and help save your belongings.

Restoration Local provides local emergency fire cleaning and restoration services. Quick to respond 24/7.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage cleanup must not be taken lightly. Serious long term health issues to adults, children and even pets may occur due to bacteria, viruses and even parasites. Don’t delay. Take immediate action. Cleanup sewage damage today.

Restoration Local provides 24/7 sewage damage cleaning services.

Mold Removal


Mold removal and remediation is a job best left for professionals. If done improperly, it can be very dangerous to your health.

Restoration Local is licensed, bonded & insured and provides local emergency cleaning and mold removal services. Quick to respond 24/7.

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Water Damage

Basement Water Damage: How to Remove Water From Your Basement

Basements are one of the most common rooms for water damage in your home. Most of your water pipes and drains run through your basement. Hot water tanks and HVAC units are usually there too. Washing machines and dryers are often in the basement as well. Even a small malfunction

Water Damage

Drying Water Damaged Drywall: How to Repair Water Damaged Drywall

The walls and ceilings of most homes are made of drywall. Wet drywall often has yellowish-brown water spots or stains. Within hours, paint and wallpaper can start bubbling. Depending on the source and extent of the water damage, it could crack or crumble completely. If the drywall remains wet for

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It takes time and the right equipment to clean up any type of residential or commercial damage. Restoration Local® connects homeowners and property managers to the largest network of restoration companies and disaster mitigation contractors in the country.

With thousands of restoration companies covering 95% of the continental United States, it couldn’t be easier to find an experienced and reliable contractor in your area. You can even read reviews from other customers who had similar issues.

If you need restoration services, call now to talk with the local on-call contractor nearest you now. Our on-call restoration companies always offer 24-hour emergency services, 60-minute response time, and a free estimate on all restoration services.