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Of all the surfaces in your home or business, nothing takes a beating quite like your carpets and rugs. Walked on, trampled on, spilled on, worn down, and ragged out on a daily basis, it doesn’t take long for your carpeting to begin showing its age. If not properly maintained, your carpet could require replacement after just a few short years.

Worn carpets are singularly unappealing visually, and may harbor all kinds of dust mites and other allergens that can make your home fairly disagreeable to live in. While carpets can often be cleaned with materials available through your local market, the single best and healthiest approach is a professional cleaning from Restoration Local.

Our team of professional carpet cleaning service providers will restore your carpet to like new condition, and we are equipped and experienced in handling even the largest carpet cleaning and restoration need, for both residential and commercial applications. We use only top grade cleaning materials and equipment, and we are committed to treating your property with the care and respect that it deserves, and that you demand.

Carpet gets beaten down by feet, shoes, boots, and any number of other elements being piled on top of it. The carpet will eventually become the repository for all kinds of dirt, dust, mud, and other materials that can cause unsightly staining, stains that are ground in the more the carpet is traveled on, and even by the presence of heavy furniture or other items. At some point, the carpet becomes resistant to thorough cleaning, and this may present a serious problem if you are looking to put the home on the market.

Ideally, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once every year, and perhaps more depending on the location of the carpet and the degree of foot traffic involved. Proper and effective carpet maintenance means that you should be able to get at least ten good years and perhaps more out of your carpet before replacement becomes a requirement. At Restoration Local, we offer a complete visual inspection of the carpet in your home or business to determine exactly what types of equipment and cleaning procedures are required for the best results. We concentrate on those areas that see the most traffic and will naturally be the most worn out.

It is important to remember that anyone can buy some cleaning gear and call themselves a carpet cleaning service provider. We believe that there are a number of important elements that separate the unqualified operators from the true professionals, namely reputation, experience, education, procedures, and guarantee. Not every carpet cleaning service provider will be able to provide the results that they advertise, and hiring the wrong company may only serve to make an already bad situation that much worse. Using the wrong cleaning materials, or the application of the wrong technique, any of these could serve to damage your carpet and create additional problems, along with higher cleaning bills by the time you finally call in the right person.

At Restoration Local, we are thorough trained and certified in all areas of the restoration process, and this includes the proper cleaning and care of carpeting and rugs. Our cleaning processes will not damage your carpet, and there will be no unpleasant odors hanging around once the job has been completed.

Restoration Local is the premiere authority on water and fire damage repair and restoration in the Tarheel State. IICRC certified, with years of experience under our belt, we have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients, both commercial and residential. As a full service company, we can be onsite within a few short hours of your call, ready to assess the problem and begin the restoration process much more rapidly and efficiently than our direct competition. We support our clients with the best in customer service, and we back up every job with the industry’s best guarantee. Call 1-888-443-3110 or email us at [email protected] today to get your restoration project started with a free, no hassle estimate.


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