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Commercial Damage Restoration Services

Damage to commercial real estate can have significant ripple effects, disrupting your daily operations or those of your tenants. Water is likely to spread throughout your property and even to other floors. Fire and smoke will damage not only the structure, but also equipment, materials, and merchandise. Sewage and mold may contaminate structural elements as well as other items within the structure.

Get Commercial Damage Cleanup Services Now

Restoration Local is the largest network of restoration companies in the country. Experienced in commercial damage and large loss situations, they have the equipment necessary to resolve the situation, prevent further damage, and restore the space to the original condition. They provide complete commercial restoration services for all commercial and industrial spaces, including schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, offices buildings, hotels, and retail stores.

If you have commercial or industrial damage, find a local restoration company now to clean up your property and get you back to normal operations quickly. The discreet biohazard cleanup companies in our network are sensitive to your needs and will clean up after an industrial accident, drug production lab, unattended death, violent crime, or other hazardous situation.

Let Restoration Local give you peace of mind in an emergency. In an emergency, call 1-888-443-3110 now for a free, no-obligation estimate. Our on-call contractors offer 24-hour emergency services, 30-minute response time, and a free, no-obligation estimate. These compassionate and dependable specialists will clean up your disaster fast! They don’t just restore your home or business, they restore your life.

Our Commercial Damage Services

We provide complete disaster mitigation, cleanup, and restoration services for all types of commercial buildings.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

From overflowing toilets to leaky supply lines, our commercial water damage restoration contractors have seen and fixed it all. Water damage in commercial buildings is due to accidents or malfunctions. Weather can also play a factor, leaking in through the roof or causing a sewage backup.

Our local restoration crews are experienced in identifying and resolving the cause of water in commercial spaces. They then pump out the water and dry affected materials. After disinfecting to prevent mold and bacteria from growing, our commercial water damage contractors will restore your building to its original condition.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Smoke and fire damage in commercial buildings is usually caused by accidental kitchen fires or smoking materials that were left unattended, such as candles, incense, or cigarettes. While less common, electrical issues or heating system puff backs or flame rollouts can cause commercial fire damage or spread smoke and soot throughout your property.

Experienced in commercial fire damage restoration, our local fire cleanup teams have seen it all. They begin with board up and tarping to secure your property, preventing both further damage and theft. If there is water from firefighting efforts, they will extract and dry affected materials. After removing damaged materials, they deodorize your property. Finally, they restore the area as necessary, often hanging new drywall, laying new carpeting, refinishing hardwoods, and painting.

Commercial Mold Removal Services

In commercial settings, mold is most prevalent in bathrooms and kitchens, but may also appear in stock rooms, basements, around windows, and in ceilings and walls. It is likely to damage or stain merchandise and equipment. Mold requires a consistent source of moisture to grow, so it may indicate a water issue as well.

Our commercial mold removal and mitigation crews are discreet and you may even be able to continue normal operations during cleanup. First, they identify the cause of the mold and resolve the moisture issue. They then remove damaged materials and clean the area thoroughly. After disinfecting the area to prevent a recurrence of mold, they rebuild and restore your property.

Commercial Biohazard Cleanup Services

Biohazards are any substance that is harmful to humans, including blood and bodily fluids, biological material, medical waste, drug paraphernalia and supplies, and toxic chemicals. Most commercial biohazard cleanup and restoration involves unattended deaths, where an individual died alone and was not found immediately. Other common commercial biohazard services include crime scene cleanup, industrial accidents involving blood or bodily fluids, homicide, suicide, and illegal drug laboratories.

Our commercial biohazard cleanup and restoration specialists care about your privacy and are sensitive to your needs. They provide discreet biohazard cleanup and disposal services for all commercial properties. They remove and dispose of potentially infectious and hazardous materials according to industry standards and government regulations. Next, they decontaminate and sanitize all affected areas and items. Finally, they restore the property to its original, livable condition.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

In industrial spaces, bathrooms, shower facilities, and kitchens are most likely to cause water damage. Accidents can lead to overflowing sinks and toilets, as well as clogged drains. Any consistent source of water is most likely to cause mold too. Industrial and manufacturing equipment can also cause fire damage or produce smoke when they malfunction. Industrial and manufacturing accidents can cause human injury and may require commercial biohazard cleanup services. Our commercial damage restoration experts will clean up water, fire, mold, and biohazards in factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and all other industrial properties.

Types Of Buildings Prone To Commercial Damage

We service all types of commercial buildings with water, fire, mold, and biohazard issues. Let our experienced restoration professionals clean up after any type of commercial damage.

Churches and Religious Buildings

Water and fire damage to churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other religious buildings are typically accidental or related to the age of the structure. Overflowing toilets and sinks are common, as well as leaky roofs and windows. Mold and water damage is likely to go unnoticed in areas that are rarely used, like storage spaces, attics, and basements. Candles and incense play a role in many religious ceremonies and may lead to smoke or fire damage. Unfortunately, acts of vandalism may also cause water and fire damage. Commercial water, fire, and mold damage may affect areas of worship as well as residential quarters for religious officials and religiously affiliated community and recreation centers.

Government Offices and Organizations

Like any other office environment, government offices and buildings are likely to encounter some type of water, fire, or mold damage at some point. Most damage is accidental, including sink and toilet overflows, out of control candles, and small kitchen fires. In some cases, outdated plumbing or HVAC systems may fail or malfunction causing significant water damage or smoke and soot. Leaky windows and roofs may also lead to water damage or mold. Other government facilities likely to have commercial damage include community centers, recreational facilities, and public libraries.

Hotels and Resorts

The majority of commercial damage in hotels is likely to be caused accidentally by guests. Due to their frequent use, toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are likely to clog, overflow, or backup. Guests may be embarrassed to request maintenance, leading to significant water damage. Most fire damage is caused by in-room smoking, even in non-smoking facilities. Other causes of hotel fire damage are out of control candles and improper use of cooking facilities like microwaves and toaster ovens. Other areas in hotels prone to commercial damage include swimming pools, restaurants, and workout facilities. Our commercial damage restoration professionals clean up water, fire, mold, and biohazards for all types of hotels, including motels, bed and breakfasts, extended stay hotels, hostels, capsule or pod hotels, motor lodges, inns, resorts, and high rise hotels.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities

In industrial spaces, bathrooms, shower facilities, and kitchens are most likely to cause water damage. Accidents can lead to overflowing sinks and toilets, as well as clogged drains. Any consistent source of water is most likely to cause mold too. Industrial and manufacturing equipment can also cause fire damage or produce smoke when they malfunction. Industrial and manufacturing accidents can cause human injury and may require commercial biohazard cleanup services. Our commercial damage restoration experts will clean up water, fire, mold, and biohazards in factories, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and all other industrial properties.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Most commercial damage in hospitals and medical centers is caused by water and fire-related incidents in laundry facilities, cafeterias, and bathrooms. Older facilities are more prone to issues like leaky roofs, malfunctioning plumbing, and overload electrical systems. While hospitals are usually very clean, mold may grow if there is a consistent source of water. This is most likely in service or storage areas that are accessed infrequently. Staff is typically trained to properly handle medical waste and other biologic hazards, but we offer commercial biohazard cleanup and removal services if necessary. Our commercial damage restoration specialists provide water, fire, mold, and biohazard cleanup services for hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities, express care centers, and assisted living homes.

Office Buildings

The majority of commercial damage in office buildings is caused by accidents in the bathroom and kitchen. Due to the frequency of use, toilets and sinks may overflow and plumbing systems may develop leaks. Most smoke and fire damage in office buildings are caused in the kitchens, usually by putting metal or burning food in the microwave. Toaster ovens, hot plates, coffee machines, out of control candles, and overloaded electrical outlets or surge protectors are other sources of commercial fire damage. Although unlikely, unattended deaths, suicides, traumatic events, and crimes in office buildings may require commercial biohazard cleanup as well.

Residential Real Estate

Most water damage in apartments, condominiums, rental units, and senior living centers is caused by tenants failing to alert the office of maintenance needs. Neglecting to report these issues can lead to significant water damage as well as mold issue. Most fires are caused in the kitchen, but other causes include out of control candles, incense, and overloaded electrical outlets and surge protectors. We also provide discreet biohazard cleanup and restoration services after the unattended death or suicide of residents. Our commercial restoration specialists provide complete water, fire, mold, and biohazard cleanup services for apartments, condominiums, senior living centers. We service all types of multi-family real estate units, including workout facilities, recreation centers, swimming pools, and other common areas.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

Water, fire, and mold can easily affect multiple units in larger retail spaces, causing extensive commercial damage. Common causes of commercial water damage include plumbing malfunctions, leaky roofs, and overflowing sinks and toilets. Water can damage the structure of the building as well as ruin merchandise or lead to mold growth. Kitchen fires in restaurants can cause extensive smoke damage, as well as potential water damage from firefighting efforts. Accidents and injuries in restaurant kitchens may lead to contamination and require biohazard cleanup. Outside of restaurants, most fires in retail spaces are caused by out of control candles or electrical overloads. Commercial smoke and fire damage are likely to stain floors, walls, and ceilings and damaged merchandise. Our commercial damage restoration teams service all types of retail spaces including malls, restaurants, shopping strips, stand-alone storefronts, supermarkets, and auto dealerships.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Due to the number of students using bathroom facilities, there is an increased chance of water damage in schools and educational facilities. Dorm rooms and other student housing at colleges and universities are prone to fire and smoke damage, usually due to out of control candles or from improper use of microwaves, toasts, and hot plates. Most common in primary or secondary schools, acts of vandalism may also result in commercial water damage or smoke damage as well. Older schools may also experience plumbing or HVAC failures or malfunctions that result in water, fire, or mold damage. Suicides and unattended deaths in student housing may require commercial biohazard cleanup as well. Commercial damage is common at all levels of education, including elementary schools, middle or junior high schools, high schools, boarding schools, junior or community colleges, colleges, and universities. While lavatories and cafeterias damage is most common, any area may be affected, including school libraries, living quarters, classrooms, and other student and faculty centers.

Storage Facilities and Warehouses

The biggest risk of damage to most storage facilities and warehouses usually involve a utility failure. A broken water pipe can cause significant flooding and an electrical issue is likely to result in a fire. An untreated water issue may also cause mold in the warehouse. Some accidents may require biohazard cleanup services. Whether you are storing your own products or managing storage space for clients or customers, it’s important to resolve any type of damage quickly. The commercial damage restoration companies in our network are experienced in cleaning up after these situations. They have the training and equipment to dry out a warehouse, deodorize storage units, and treat against mold and biohazard contaminants.

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Call Now For Commercial Damage Restoration Services

Restoration Local is a nationwide network of contractors that offer restoration services. Whether you have a flooded hotel, smokey restaurant kitchen fire, a moldy rec center bathroom, or an office building sewage backup, our local restoration professionals are here to get your life back to normal. The contractors in our network offer complete commercial water damage, fire and smoke restoration, sewage cleanup, and mold removal services for property managers, building owners, and landlords.

If necessary, they will secure your property to keep you safe and prevent further damage. Our local contractors use professional grade equipment to remove water and sewage before cleaning, drying, and disinfecting affected areas. For mold damage, they prevent the spread of mold spores, remove affected materials, and fix the source of moisture.

The professionals in the Restoration Local network use air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and ozone treatments to restore fire and smoke damage. To eliminate smells and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, they deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect affected areas. Finally, our contractors will rebuild and restore the damaged area to the original condition.

Find a local contractor now or call 1-888-443-3110 to speak to the on-call local contractor in your area. Our on-call contractors always offer a free, no-obligation estimate, 24-hour emergency service, and 30-minute response time on commercial damage restoration. Let our compassionate and dependable restoration specialists give you peace of mind in an emergency.

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