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Our local and compassionate professionals are here to decontaminate your home or business after traumatic experiences. Call 1-888-443-3110 now for a FREE no-obligation estimate on biohazard cleanup services.

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Home Damage

If your home has damage caused by water, fire or mold it is time to act. Postponing could cause more damage to your home and poses a health risk to you and your family.

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Home emergencies don't happen on your timetable. By calling day or night you are connected with a reliable professional who can answer your questions and take care of your needs.


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We take disasters very seriously and offer 30-minute response time to limit damage to your home. We will be at your home in less than 30 minutes to assess the situation.


Local and reliable technicians will assess damage and provide a FREE no-obligation estimate for you to review.


Our technicians are certified, licensed and insured professionals and will work with your insurance company. Our customers are our #1 priority.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our compassionate restoration professionals provide cleanup services for traumatic and emotional events. We are sensitive to your needs and offer biohazard cleanup for crime scenes, unattended deaths, homicides and suicides, blood and bodily fluids, and illegal drug laboratories. Your privacy is important to us and we strive to be as discreet as possible throughout decontamination and restoration.

Biohazard Cleanup Services

Our goal is to restore your home or business to its original, livable condition. We begin by removing and disposing of potentially infectious and hazardous materials according to industry standards and government regulations. Our biohazard cleanup specialists strive to decontaminate and sanitize all affected areas and items, but it may be necessary to discard some porous materials.

What Is Considered a Biological Hazard

Biohazards include any substance that poses a health risk to human and other living organisms. Common biohazards include medical waste, drug paraphernalia and supplies, blood and bodily fluids, biological material, and toxic chemicals. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt biohazard cleanup on your own, as there is a potential risk of spreading contaminants.

Crime Scene, Trauma, Death, and Blood Cleanup

Crime scene, death, and blood cleanup can be extremely distressing and emotional. Our professional biohazard cleanup teams are here to help after a traumatic event, unexpected loss, or tragic experience. We use industry-standard decontamination and sanitization procedures to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and bacteria or viral contaminants.

Illegal Drug Labs

We clean up illicit drug production labs including those used to produce or process methamphetamine, fentanyl, and heroin. The chemicals used in the production and processing of illegal drugs are volatile and may cause explosions or fires. Even the residues left behind can be dangerous and toxic. Our restoration and remediation professionals follow all state and federal regulations for the cleanup of illicit drug labs.

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  • The technician did work for my sister, and they were very helpful. She had a fire loss and they were out to her home the very next day. The technician and his employees were on time each day, very courteous and helpful in a time of need. I highly recommend!

    Jessica M