3 Steps To Water Damage Prevention
Water Damage

3 Steps To Water Damage Prevention

Given the level of damage that water and flooding can inflict on your home, it might be some welcome news to discover that prevention can be largely accomplished with just three short, basic steps. Water damage not only causes structural damage but also sets the stage for mold growth. The idea is to stay ahead of any potential problems, and repairing small problems before they can become major issues.

For starters, keep an eye open for leaks, and make plans to conduct regular inspections to check for leaks and other similar problems.  The most likely location for leaks is your roof, since it is always exposed to the elements, and the extremes of weather that are hurled at it on a daily basis.  Hard rain and heavy winds may cause damage to the roof, ripping it open in vital areas and exposing the interior of the property to rains, ice, and sleet.  Any damage to the roof should be repaired promptly.

Water damage may also occur as a result of broken or aging pipes in the home, and these should be inspected regularly for signs of water damage. Know where the shut-off valve is so that water can be shut off at the source in the event that a water problem does develop.  Common locations for leaks include sinks and baths, as well as supply lines servicing dishwashers and clothes washing machines.

Improve the ventilation in order to avoid mold and condensation. Believe it or not, condensation, which is commonly found on windows and pipes, is perfectly capable of causing serious damage to your home, severely damaging wooden window frames, walls, and furniture. Excessively high humidity levels may also play a role in water problems found in your home.  Exhaust fans should be installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms, as this will do much to eliminate excessive moisture. Humidity levels should ideally be kept within 40-45%.

Damp courses can be installed to provide a practical fix to water that seeps into walls and flooring. This sort of problem has major effects and may be wide-spread if not properly controlled. Rising damp problems are notoriously difficult to get rid of, and damp courses are professionally administered for optimum results. Damp courses may often be installed during initial construction or renovation projects.

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