Air-conditioned Water Damage
Water Damage

Air-conditioned Water Damage

Across the country, the temperature is increasing and summer weather is on the horizon. Hundreds of thousands of apartments combat hot weather by using air-conditioner units. Although air-conditioners are a great way to keep your cool during the summer months it is important to make sure that they are in proper working order to avoid destruction to your home.

When air-conditioners are left on for an extended period of time condensation will collect on the inside of the unit, eventually dripping at the bottom. If the unit is working properly then the water should drip straight out to the outside of the home or the water will collect in a pan. However, if the water is dripping onto a deck, porch or if the unit drips down the side of the home significant water damage can be caused by the air-conditioner.

When putting your air-conditioner in this year it is important to pick a place without anything directly below the window. For example, air-conditioner units should not be placed in windows with porches or decks on the other side of them. As the water drips and collects on the wood of the porch all summer it will wear away the finishing on the wood and eventually stain, warp, or rot the wood. It is also important to make sure that dripping water from the air-conditioner is running away from the house. If any water is collecting at the base of the home it could be leaking into the basement or crawl space, as well as affecting the foundation the home.

This year when pulling out the air-conditioner make sure you choose the window you put it in wisely, in order to avoid future restoration work. If you should find yourself with water damage it is important to call a water restoration company to return your house to normal. It is just as important to stay cool this summer, as it is to make sure your house is water damage free.

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