Avoiding Water Damage In Your Storage Unit
Water Damage

Avoiding Water Damage In Your Storage Unit

Remote storage units have been cropping up all across the United States in the last couple of decades, with people looking to store valuables and furniture that they do not have room for in their home. On the plus side, the storage unit provides a safe place to keep these items until you are ready to use them or get rid of them.  On the other hand, they also present a very real water and flood damage threat.

What To Do Before Selecting A Storage Unit

If you are considering a storage unit for your materials, be sure to check out the facility thoroughly. Much as you would with your personal property, make sure that the landscaping slopes properly away from the storage units, and that the location has adequate drainage in the event of heavy rains or flooding conditions. If there is a puddle of water anywhere on the property, you should consider it a flood risk. Likewise, the structure itself should be in good condition, with no signs of water damage in or around the units. Water damage is usually apparent by staining of flooring, walls, or other structural members.  Also, if light from the outside is visible when you are standing in the unit, that means that water can access the unit easily.

Some people also make the mistake of believing that renting a storage unit means that their items are insured against loss by fire or water. This is not always true, although some companies may offer insurance options as a part of the rental agreement.  Read your agreement thoroughly in order to determine if you are covered or not.

When storing material in a remote storage unit, use a pallet or crate to elevate the items off the floor in case there is a flooding problem. Items may also be covered with a tarp in order to protect them in the event that the roofing is compromised. If you discover leaks, ask for a different unit or demand that the leak be repaired before moving your valuables in.

Storage units can be an invaluable service if used correctly. Just make sure you are properly protected against all eventualities.

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