Black Mold Requires Specialized Treatment
Mold Removal

Black Mold Removal Requires Specialized Care

Of all the types of mold that can present a problem in your home or business, black mold is without a doubt the worst possible option. It is a mold that is openly hostile to the health and well being of those living in the home, and it must be dealt with delicately in order to prevent the triggering of any further damaging results to the home or your health.

Remember that mold is a natural occurrence, and it is found all the time in outdoor scenarios, breaking down dead organic matter and generally keeping nature clean and fresh. It is only when mold begins growing in indoor environments that it becomes a hazard, as mold spores may be inhaled in large concentrations, causing serious physiological damage.

Mold spores also exist in virtually every structure, again with little or no ill effects. It becomes a problem when the conditions that are conducive to its growth allow it to grow unrestricted. Once mold infestations become of a certain size, then there is an active and very real threat to the health of folks living or working there. We aren’t talking about mold you find in the bathroom, either, which is generally harmless and can be cleaned up with a little spray from a commercial cleaner. No, we are talking about the real horror movie stuff, the giant growths that you find in your basement or on your walls.

Mold also reproduces by way of airborne spores, which are easily inhaled and may cause respiratory problems. This is especially a problem for those with sensitive respiratory systems or active allergies. If you find yourself coughing, with body aches, itching eyes, skin irritation, or other allergic-type reactions, then you probably have a mold problem in your home.  Elderly people and infants, many of whom have compromised or weakened immune systems, may also be at risk for mold issues.

Black Mold produces particularly strong reactions, as well as multiplying rapidly in hotter temperatures. Even touching a small patch of Black Mold means that you should probably seek medical attention. Black Mold can grow to dangerous proportions inside of a week if not properly treated.

Brief exposure to Black Mold may be enough to cause respiratory irritation. Left unattended long enough, Black Mold has been known to cause psychological problems, as well as issues with fertility and memory.  In certain cases, Black Mold has been known to trigger fatalities. While these occurrences are rare, they do happen and that knowledge should be considered when determining the extent of your Black Mold problem.

The removal of Black Mold from your home requires specialized care, and while do it yourself approaches are possible, they are not advised. Mishandling of any type of mold may result in hundreds of thousands of mold spores being released into the air, allowing the problem to grow within the home. A mold removal and remediation expert will be able to treat and remove the mold without risking additional growth or propagation of the problem.

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