Checking for Roof Damage
Water Damage

Checking for Roof Damage

With the beating that many houses took from Hurricane Sandy and the winter settling in, it is important to check for roof damage. Small leaks in the roof can create big problem, resulting in heavy water damage. If you are able to, it is important to check the roof of your home before the first snow falls. If you are unable to check your roof a water damage restoration specialist can examine your home for you, as well as to make sure there is no damage that will result in a leak.

After Hurricane Sandy made it’s was through, many homes had visible damage from the storm. However, many homes had subtle damages done to their home’s that is harder to notice. If any tree branches or other material fell on the roof it is important to check for damage, but even if nothing fell on your home the storm can still have caused damage and revealed weaknesses in the structure of your roof.

With the unrelenting winds and rain beating down on the roofs, it had the ability to blow off shingles, which can create a leak. Also after one shingle is blown off it is easier for the surrounding shingles to be blown off or damaged. Further yet, if the caulking wasn’t done correctly on your roof, water will find its way into the home. In such scenarios water damage might only be noticed during harsh storms or extended periods of rainfall.

If you find yourself struggling with water damage from a leaking roof it is important to call a water damage company to repair the roof and restore water damage that has been done to your home. Water damage teams are trained to find the source of the leak and determine the best plan of action for eliminating the leak.

If you are up on your roof cleaning out gutters, or putting up Christmas lights it is important to take the time to look for any damage done to your roof. Taking the time to fix the problem now will save you a lot of effort and stress from having to deal with a leaky roof during the winter.

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