Consequences of Water Damage Illustrated by Dubeque Floods
Flood Damage

Consequences of Water Damage Illustrated by Dubeque Floods

Torrential downpours at Dubeque, Illinois have been the norm for the past few days, and  I thought I would follow up on the aftermath of such a storm. To many residents in the small town next to Chicago, finding a water damage restoration company is a priority. According to a source within one of these water restoration teams, the damage “is a nightmare” and they were already hard at work removing soaked floorboards that if left undone, could cause harmful molds and possible structural damage.

Some within the town were lucky that flooding was isolated to their basements. Water restoration companies quickly pumped out the water from the basement and restoration companies were allowed then to clean the leftover mess from any possible damage. Such a case was found for a bar called the R Place Bar and after the procedure mentioned above, they were able to open for business on the next day.

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We all know the dangers of water damage and how it can not only destroy your property but risk lives if left untreated. the damage that flooding can leave at a house is morbid and wide in hazards. The most prominent consequence of water damage is mold, which are microscopic organisms, formally known as fungi that belong to the fungi kingdom. The way they reproduce is through airborne spores, which when they burst, fling spores into the air. As they land on foreign surfaces they will proliferate into colonies and of course, will repeat the cycle again and again until it becomes visible to the naked eye. The most notable side effect of molds is how it can affect the human body. When in contact, mold can cause harmful allergic effects that include:

  • nasal congestion and irritation
  • mucous membrane irritation
  • asthma and respiratory effects
  • sneezing and coughing

Of course, the damage from flooding is not only limited to environmental and health hazards, but it can also cause structural damage as supports and floorboards will warp their shape when under high moisture content. Because of this, the integrity of certain areas of your house will be compromised because when the shapes and sizes of the floorboard changes, they will immediately “buckle” and fold over each other. This can cause structural failure and, in a worst-case scenario, a house collapsing.

As a result of the above-mentioned reasons, it is vital to have a water restoration company on a mental standby in case such a disaster hits. If you do, you can possibly walk away from such a disaster as cleanly as the R Place Bar in Dubeque with your life ready for business by the next day. So take action in preventing this disaster and contact a water restoration company as soon as possible.

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