Crawlspace Flooding And Water Damage
Water Damage

Crawlspace Flooding And Water Damage

Water damage can get pretty tricky. Especially considering the fact that it can pop up anywhere in your home. Half the time it occurs in areas that are hard to get to and very difficult to work in, or it could be completely out of sight. But, sometimes you just can’t avoid these areas. The crawlspace, for instance, is one of those hard to reach, hard to work in areas. You don’t have much room to fiddle with in the first place and adding water damage to that just puts your stress through the roof.

Crawlspaces tend to come with a lot of obstacles. The overwhelming amount of humidity in this area creates a nice home for mold growth to begin. Water damaged flooring may also become a problem if it goes unnoticed. Warping is a good indicator for water damage. Plumbing that’s running through the crawlspace also has the potential to cause problems. Leaking pipes could result in standing water. Once a leak is spotted, shut off the water. The area will need to be dried out and sanitized immediately to avoid mold growth.

Sewage based water would be your biggest “crawlspace-concern”. Sewer water in the home is not only disgusting, but it poses threats to you and your family. You don’t know exactly what’s in the sewer water. It could be infested with bacteria, fungi, animals, feces, decaying organisms, etc. You’d think that if you didn’t touch the water, you’d be fine. But, believe it or not, you can still get very ill just from breathing in some of the toxic fumes from this water. Please do not hesitate to call our water damage cleanup and restoration company to come remove this type of water. Specific safety equipment and gear should be used to clean up this kind of mess.

Crawlspaces with water damage in them can be tough. But, hey, that’s what the professionals are for. They’ve been trained and certified to deal with situations like these and much worse. Next time you have a water dilemma in the home, call our water damage restoration company.

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