Creating a Patio Drainage System
Water Damage

Creating A Patio Drainage System

Patios add much to the aesthetic appearance of any home, and like any good home improvement, they may also add value. They can also be a problem if damaged by water due to flooding or prolonged periods of severe weather. For this reason, you should protect your patio with a drainage system, which is designed to filter away excess water before it has the chance to become a major problem.

Drainage for paved decks and driveways is very similar in approach, consisting of a channel that collects water from a network of underground pipes, funneling the water away from the drive or deck to an area where it will present no harm. Channel grades of this sort are designed to keep out large pieces of debris, although smaller pieces may occasionally find their way in. Good quality channel grades will come equipped with locks to secure them from theft, however, they can be removed for cleaning out of any leaves or other debris that may get caught in the system. Failure to clean the drainage unit will render it ineffective eventually.

Wooden decks are not known for being a high priority when it comes to drainage systems, however, if done properly, a good drainage system can be a significant benefit to your overall landscaping techniques. Decks made of lumber utilize drainage systems to ensure that water isn’t falling and pooling on the ground below the deck area, allowing you to use the space below your deck for other purposes without worrying about pooling or mold formations occurring. It also provides a measure of control when it comes to where the water is going.

The benefits of a patio drainage system are numerous, some of which may not be immediately apparent. Water that is removed from the patio system is unlikely to collect and provide the spawning ground for fungi, algae or moss on the patio or nearby lawn. It also prevents the wood from becoming damaged through extended exposure to water, and it decreases the likelihood of muddy patches appearing on your lawn during those occasions of prolonged rain, sleet, or snow.

Of all the areas of the home that should be protected, the deck is one of the most often overlooked. Taking the time now to see to its regular care and maintenance with regard to severe weather is one thing that can be done to ensure the beauty and health of your home for years to come.

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