Damaged & Rotting Wood in the Home
Water Damage

Damaged & Rotting Wood in the Home

In many cases, homes are the biggest investment that people will make during the span of their lifetime. Aside from the upfront cost of purchasing a house, regular maintenance to the home can also be very expenses throughout the life of the home. A common problem within homes, old and new is due to damaged wood. You can find wood on decks, kitchen floors, cabinets, floorboards, support beams, as well as just about anywhere else in the home. If the wood is not taken care of properly then significant damage can be done to your property.

The most common problem to wood within the home is water damage. As water comes into contact with wood, the water is absorbed. As the water is soaked up the shape of the wood will actually change causing the planks not to fit together tightly. This can cause a range of problems depending on where the wood is within the house.

  • Decks and Patios – If water causes the planks on a deck to warp it can completely destroy the outdoor space. Every year patios take a beating due the changing weather of the seasons. Freezing temperatures can further destroy wooden structures such as porches because as the water freezes within splits and cracks it expands, forcing the wood further apart. For this reason it is important to use a water sealant for decks and patios every few years in order to keep everything in working condition.
  • Floorboards and Beams – Floorboards and beams are vital to the foundation of the home. If the beams integrity is compromised then the security of the entire house is at risk, and that is why it is so important to keep out water damage. The most common way for the wooden structure of the home to become compromised from water damage due to flooding or a recurring leak. To avoid rotting wood and bowing of important structural design of the home it is recommended to call a water restoration specialist in scenarios of significant water damage.
  • Wood Floors – Most people do not realize how fast water damage can set into their home until they find their hardwood floors are ruined. Just small amounts of water left on the floor can wear away the finish on hardwood floors and cause bowing and disfiguration. For this reason, it is important to make sure to wipe up all spills completely. If ice cubes are dropped onto the floor it is important that they are picked up and put in the sink before they melt and damage the floor. Putting rugs in front of the doors of the room will also help minimize any water coming into the room from snow and rain. If you notice that your hardwood floors are creaking or squeaking, this is a sign that water damage has already made its way into the home.

Overall, wooden structures are highly susceptible to water damage. If you find your home has recently had any form of water intrusion it is important to check for damage within the wood of your home. If water damage is found it is recommended to call a water damage specialist to access the damage and determine the best route for restoration.

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