Dangers of Water Damage
Water Damage

The Dangers of Water Damage

When a home is damaged from flooding, the total cost of the damage cannot be measured merely in home value alone, but also in individual damages to possessions and family members. Flooding can come from a number of different sources and water damage in a home always has the potential to compound itself and create additional problems if improperly dealt with. The damage from water can begin from failed interior plumbing, such as leaking pipes or toilets that flood overnight. Failing sump pumps or cracks in the foundation are also fairly common causes of flooding.

The most destructive flooding comes from uncontrollable circumstances, like heavy rains, flash floods, and natural disasters, which all inflict dangerous amounts of damage on a home’s integrity. Water damage can start with a gradual erosion of structural integrity, with problems then escalating to serious health risks due to the propagation of mold and mildew that inevitably follows flooding. Without prompt and proper damage control, a house can rapidly become unfit for human habitation.

Gradual water damage usually manifests itself in compromised structural integrity. Homes exhibit traits ranging from rotting wood and stained drywall to failing support elements and warped wallboards, all of which prematurely destroys a home. All affected elements within the building can rot, warp, bend and otherwise move out of place. In extreme situations, electrical systems may cease to function safely from water damage. These are potential sources for fires or electrical shock. When dealing with a flood the last thing you need is fire damage. In the event of flooding, improperly functioning electrical systems can be dangerous. This can come from your home electrical system or simply from damaged appliances within the household.

When water damage stems from contaminated sources, it is extremely hazardous to individuals due to the risk from bacteria and other microorganisms. Contamination can occur from sources such as sewer lines or polluted bodies of water. Mold and mildew resulting from this polluted water is extremely toxic to human health and requires professional mold removal services. Due to flooding, your home becomes humid and damp, which can lead to mold growth in as little as a few days. Grave health risks exist for any individuals who are unfortunate enough to be exposed to mold growth in water damaged homes. Long-term exposure to mold has the potential to lead to infection, followed by respiratory issues and other dangerous side effects. Exposure has been linked to everything from the onset of asthmatic symptoms to various types of cancers and several potent infections that can possibly lead to death. Aside from the issues arising from mold, severe water damage can also bring contact with dangerous microorganisms that can easily bring about sickness and the prospect of death. When a home is severely damaged, it is highly recommended that a water damage specialist be brought in to inspect the damages, especially if the water source is suspect or contaminated. It is essential to the health of family members and loved ones that homes are properly assessed in order to remove any hazardous mold.

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