Deck Space & Water Damage
Water Damage

Deck Space & Water Damage

One of the most enjoyable places throughout any home is the deck or patio space. Whether it is enjoying the sun or cooking out on the grill decks are a favorite place to hang out during the summer. Unfortunately, decks require routine upkeep to make sure that they stay restored and sanitary. A common problem is patio water damage to the home, however this problem can be avoided with appropriate care. Whether you are building a new deck from scratch or simply maintaining your existing patio it is important to keep these tips in mind, so that water damage doesn’t sink into your patio.

  1. Level Ground- Building a deck onto your home is a very exciting experience, however it is important to make sure that the ground you are building it on is level, or slanted away from the house. If the ground isn’t level water will collect underneath your patio, or puddle around the base of your home. Sitting water under the patio can cause a number of problems such as mold growth, rotting wood, infestation, and even structural damage to your home. It is recommended to flatten the ground before building the deck, or have a landscaping company arrange for more efficient irrigation.
  2. Leave Gaps in the Wood- When building a deck many people try to fit the wood closely together to create a strong surface.  However, it is recommended to leave small gaps in-between wooden planks so that rainwater can fall through. If the gaps are not left between the planks then the water will collect and sit on top of the deck. Sitting water on the patio allows for faster wear on the finish that protects the wood from being damaged. Failing to leave small gaps within the patio can also result in excessive build up of water around the sides of the deck because the rainwater will runoff and collect at the base of the deck. Allowing the water to flow between the deck will allow for water to spread over a lager amount of space, rather than just the sides of the deck.
  3. Treatment- It is important to treat your patio regularly to avoid water damage from the rain and other elements. Treatment for your deck can be found at a number of locations such as home improvement warehouses and paint stores. Depending on what wood treatment you buy it can last for a year to several years. However, determining how often you treat your patio also depends on the climate, as well as the severity of the weather.
  4. Gutters and Drainage- A common problem with patios is that water will collect underneath deck and sit there for a number of days allowing for rotting and mold to set into your home. Setting up appropriate gutters and draining systems can be an easy solution to this problem. Often times downspouts only direct the water a few inches or feet away from the home, when it is necessary to have water pushed further away, to less saturated ground.

Taking the time to follow these steps can avoid water damage problems to your deck space. If you are concerned that water intrusion has already set into your deck then it is recommended to call a water damage company to restore the area. Overall, it is important to keep in mind that when enjoying your deck this summer it is important to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps to keep your patio up to par and avoid water damage.

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