Detecting Water Damage In Your Home
Water Damage

Detecting Water Damage

A few of the common signs of water damage include discoloration, leaks, standing water, mold, loose nails, and health problems. Walls, paint, furniture and carpeting can become discolored or show stains and circles when damaged by water.  These are some of the visible signs left behind caused by water damage if you have a roof leak or water backup in the basement.

Sometimes the signs are there but the cause may be harder to detect for leaks or standing water.  After continuous exposure, some materials become soft and break down. The end result creates an environment for mold to grow.  If the wet area is left unattended for a period of time but then dries with temperature change, the end result could create dry rotting.

Water Typically Causes Mold

Mold can begin to grow and become visible in a very short period of time, 24 – 48 hours.  Time is of the essence to eliminate mold after water damage.  The longer mold is left unattended, the harder it is to contain and in many cases cause health-related problems.  Although there are many health-related symptoms caused by water damage, the occurrence of a rash is a visible symptom.

Finding loose nails or bulges in the walls where nails have popped is another visible sign of water damage.  If the cause is from too much humidity, then investing in a de-humidifier can minimize the dampness.

Visible signs of water in the attic or missing shingles could be caused by a leaking roof.  Drips or puddles of water may indicate gutter damage.  Examine cracks or unlevel areas in the cement which may have been caused by water damage.

Signs, signs, signs — know the visible causes of water damage and eliminate the severity by quickly taking action to prevent damage.

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