5 Point Water Damage Checklist
Water Damage

Do a Quick 5 Point Check to Lower the Potential of Water Damage

Taking a few minutes to inspect your home can save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

  1. Check the Roof
    • Roofs are the number one culprit in water damage. Make sure to check that everything is in place and be sure to check areas like the chimney, any vents, etc. These areas can cause structural damage if not checked.
  2. Gutters
    • While on the roof check your gutters and make sure there are no clogs or drainage issues. These can cause water to sip directly into your foundation.
  3. Take a look at the Attic
    • If your house is not properly insulated the heat escaping the house can cause the snow on the roof to melt and cause it to leak into your house. Check to make sure there are no signs of water damage to all areas of the roof (sagging roof) and attic.
  4. Rainwater
    • Next time it rains, make sure that the water is flowing away from the foundation wall and house. If not this can quickly cause a water problem.
  5. Ground Grade
    • Look to see if they grade of your yard flows away from your house. Just like in the above point,  look to see where the rainwater is going to get a better sense of how water is being dispersed on your property.

If you notice water damage from any source, call us 24/7 at 1-888-443-3110 for a free estimate.

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