Do I Need a Mold Inspection? 14 Cities that Require Mold Inspections Before Removing Mold

One of the most common questions about mold removal is do I need a mold inspection first? In many cases, seeing mold is enough of an inspection to move on directly to mold removal. However, there are a number of cities that do require mold inspections first even when mold is visible. Although it may seem unnecessary, these laws are there to protect you from mold scams. We look at cities that require mold inspections and other laws surrounding mold removal across the country.

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14 Major Cities That Require Mold Inspections Before Removing Mold

There are several cities and states that require independent mold inspections before mold removal. While this may seem like an additional hassle, these laws and regulations are aimed at protecting consumers from mold removal scams. In some cases, seeing mold qualifies as an inspection. However, some states still require independent testing before beginning mold removal.

Cities That Require Mold Inspections

Austin, TX

Dallas, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Houston, TX

Jacksonville, FL

Louisville, KY

Miami, FL

New Orleans, LA

Oklahoma City, OK

Orlando, FL

Portland, ME

San Antonio, TX

Tampa, FL

Tulsa, OK

6 States That Require Mold Inspections or Assessments

#1 Florida

Florid law requires that separate companies provide mold inspection and mold removal. Although companies can provide both mold assessment and mold removal services, they cannot provide both services within the same structure. If a company provides either service, it is prohibited by state law from providing the other service to the same property for a period of 12 months. Additionally, the mold assessment must include sampling and evaluation of potential mold.

#2 Kentucky

In Kentucky, state law requires that an initial assessment of mold is performed prior to remediation. However, the company performing the assessment can also perform mold removal as well. The mold assessment must include the extent of the mold, areas affected, the scope of the work, and a cost estimate for the project. The law also requires that customers get a post-remediation report from an independent company to verify the work is complete.

#3 Louisiana

The state of Louisiana requires that separate companies provide mold inspection and mold remediation services. However, the law is unclear on what is included in a mold assessment.

#4 Maine

Maine also has a state law prohibiting the same company from performing both the mold assessment and mold remediation. This is a clause in the law that allows homeowners to sign a disclosure agreement allowing the assessment company to also perform the remediation.

#5 Oklahoma

Oklahoma law prohibits the same mold company from performing both the inspection and removal. However, this is not necessary if the total cost of mold removal is less than $200.

#6 Texas

Texas state law prohibits the same company from providing both the assessment and the remediation in most situations. However, you can have the mold inspection company perform the removal as long as the area is less than 25 square feet. Additionally, testing or evaluation is not required if the mold is visible.

Other States With Mold Removal Requirements

Although only the 6 states listed above have requirements about mold inspections and removal, there are other states with mold requirements. In fact, most states have some type of mold laws even if they only establish bodies to explore potential mold requirements in the future.

A total of 8 states require mold licensing or regulate mold businesses in some way. These include Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee, and Texas. Although Maryland has passed laws requiring mold licensing, they have not put them into practice yet.

More than a dozen states provide rights to tenants, hotel guests, and homebuyers when dealing with mold issues on the premises. States that provide these protections include Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. For complete details, contact the state health department or housing organization.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

Aside from the states outlined above, most states do not require a mold inspection prior to mold removal. While it’s often your choice, mold testing is not necessary for most situations. Although air tests and other evaluations will conclusively determine the type of mold, the remediation process is the same. However, you may want to consider an independent mold inspection if a contractor suggested mold removal out of the blue.

Is Mold Testing Worth The Cost?

Unless there is a specific reason or state regulation requiring a mold inspection, you can save time and money by skipping mold testing. The results of a mold test do not change the remediation process. Even in the case of black mold, remediation is the same. However, you might consider having a mold test if you are involved in a lawsuit or if legal action is pending.

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