Don’t Procrastinate With Water Damage
Water Damage

Don’t Procrastinate With Water Damage

It is important to remember that water damage should be addressed as soon as possible. It will not get better on its own; quite the contrary, it will only get worse for as long as it is allowed to remain standing. Untreated water results in mold issues, which can bring about serious health hazards. The lesson here: don’t procrastinate, get to work and address the problem.

Analyze the damaged area closely, and remember that not all water damage may be readily apparent. Some of it may hide under floors or behind walls. Overlooking these problems virtually guarantees mold. Take the extra time and/or expense to make sure that all water damage problems are present and accounted for.

Drain the excess water away as soon as you can. The sooner you remove the excess, the sooner the affected area can begin drying through good air circulation. This is key to avoiding problems with mold, mildew, and toxins. It also allows you to see the extent of damage to drywall or other room components that may need to be torn out and replaced.

Remember that carpets can trap moisture. Water gets caught up between the carpet, padding, and floor, and is all but impossible to dry without ripping the carpet up and treating the area with fans, blowers, and other air moving devices.   A regular water spill from an overturned glass won’t produce mold, however, extensive spills will almost certainly form the basis for mold growth.  You should, however, clean up any spills promptly to avoid unsightly stains or musty odors.

Once the water and moisture have been dealt with, you will want to properly treat the area with dehumidifiers to bring down relative humidity levels. This deprives mold of the much-needed nutrition and will prevent the growth from returning.

Bottom line: don’t put off cleaning water damage, unless you want to find yourself dealing with a veritable plethora of long-term issues.

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