Drying an Area Rug: How to Dry an Accent Rug and Prevent Water From Damaging Your Carpeting
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Drying an Area Rug: How to Dry an Accent Rug and Prevent Water From Damaging Your Carpeting

Area rugs are a great way to showcase your style and brighten up a room. Accent rugs come in many designs, shapes, and colors, so you can find the perfect one for every room in your home. Unfortunately, if it gets wet during a flood or sewage backup, you need to take action quickly to salvage your rug. The longer a rug stays wet, the less likely that it can be restored. Additionally, mold can begin to grow if it remains wet long enough.

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How to Dry an Area Rug

Area or accent rugs are much easier to deal with than wall-to-wall carpeting. If you have a water damaged area rug, take the following steps to dry and restore it.

  1. Use towels on the wet areas: Spread towels over the area of wet carpet and press with your hands or feet until the towels are completely saturated. Replace with dry towels and repeat the process until the carpet is dry. Since it’s a movable carpet be sure to check under the carpet to make sure the floor isn’t wet also.
  2. Vacuum the carpet: Remember that not all vacuum cleaners are designed to suck up water, so only use a wet/dry vacuum to suck out as much excess water as possible. You may need to run the vacuum repeated over the same area to remove all of the water. Pay attention to the vacuum’s water capacity, depending on how much water was in the carpet you may have to empty the tank a few times.
  3. Toss small rugs in the dryer: You can dry small rugs in your dryer. Set the heat at it’s lowest setting or even run it without heat. If you’ve already removed a significant amount of the water, a few hours tumbling in the dryer will be enough to finish drying it.
  4. For larger rugs, use a hair dryer or fans and a dehumidifier. If you use a hair dryer, keep it at least six inches away from the rug surface and move it back and forth. It helps to work in sections as well. You can also use a fan and dehumidifier to dry out larger rugs. It helps to prop the rug up to improve airflow.
  5. Another option is to hang the rug outside. You will still want to remove as much water as possible before hanging to reduce dry time. Ideally, you should have the carpeting from a line and avoid folding it over on itself. While you can lay it out on the ground, this will increase drying time and increase the chances of mold growth.
  6. Steam clean or shampoo the rug once it’s dry. While the rug is dry, steam cleaning or shampooing it will remove dirt, dust, and allergens that could cause odors over time. Additionally, it will help reduce the risk of mold growth.

Cleaning an Area Rug if it Contains Sewage or Other Contaminants

If you choose to clean a rug contaminated with sewage by yourself, you should take safety precautions. You should always wear long sleeves, pants, rubber boots, gloves, a ventilator, and a face shield. Mold may begin to grow in as little as 24 hours, so work quickly.

However, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company if your area rug is affected by a sewage backup or other contaminated water source. This ensures that it is really clean and will prevent mold and other contaminants from growing over time.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

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