Fire In The Home
Fire Damage

Fire In The Home

Fires can start in any household at any time. There are multiple different causes behind house fires. Some examples could be faulty wiring and leaving cigarettes lit. No matter how it happens, if this occurs in your home it obviously needs to be extinguished as soon as possible. After you’ve extinguished a fire, there’s still much more to do. All of that damage needs to be cleaned up and repaired. That’s where your local fire damage restoration company comes in.

After such an incident, your best bet is to call a fire damage restoration company. Once the fire damage restoration company comes in, they will start their fire damage remediation process. They will start by evaluating all the damage – specifically with the fire damage itself and investigating the smoke. Low fires tend to produce a sticky ash and a bad smell. Dry, hot, fast-moving fire creates a sharper and more severe odor, but luckily you cannot see it. The main issue with fire damage and smoke damage is that it gets all over everything in the home. This includes areas such as carpets, clothes, walls, ceilings, furniture, and more! The odor is overwhelming in many cases.

After they have evaluated the fire damage and smoke damage, professional fire damage restoration technicians will begin dealing with the water damage in the home. If you have dealt with water damage before, you already know how much of a pain it is. Now imagine that mixed with fire damage, it’s double the trouble! Our fire damage restoration experts will make sure the power is off and that the water gets extracted immediately to avoid mold growth. Mold growth can begin in as little as 48 hours! They will also ensure there is ventilation flowing throughout the home. This works as killing two birds with one stone, the smoke and odor escapes and the moisture dries out.

Our fire damage restoration professionals will also know what is good to keep and what won’t make it through. Fire damage restoration companies truly are the way to go in any fire damage remediation situation. Our fire damage restoration experts have many years of experience and won’t beat around the bush. Call our local fire damage restoration company today for a free estimate!

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