Flash Flooding Danger
Flood Damage

Flash Flooding Danger

Flash flooding is one of the most serious weather events we see this time of year. It can happen anywhere, but it typically occurs more often in the Midwest and Southern states. Not only does flash flooding cost millions of dollars in damages every year, it also costs precious lives as we’ve seen recently in Texas. Our hearts go out to the victims of the relentless flooding there.

Staying safe during a flash flood is sometimes a matter of luck, but there are some things you can do to improve your chances. One of the biggest errors made during a flash flood is attempting to drive through flooded waters. A car can be swept away in as little as six inches of water. And it’s impossible to tell just how deep a puddle on the road is. Our advice? Turn around. Find another route.

Another common problem during any flooding event but more so during flash flooding because it happens so quickly is electrocution. Water inside your home poses a risk to you. Turn off the electricity at its main source if floodwaters have breached your home. Outside of your home, be wary of downed power lines. Stay away from them and stay away from water near them. Report these incidents to your local fire department immediately.

Whether you’re in your car or in your home, if flash flooding begins, the best advice we can give is to head for higher ground. Keep some areas in mind so when an emergency does occur you’re prepared.

Contact a water damage restoration company to help deal with the aftermath of floodwaters. Our water damage restoration teams are available 24/7 so cleanup can begin right away or as soon as local authorities lift any evacuations in place. You’re not alone when flash flooding strikes. We’re here to help you day and night.

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