Flash Flood Water Damage
Flood Damage

Flash Flooding Dangers and Prevention

One of the leading causes of water damage to homes and businesses is that caused by flash flooding.  Flash floods are rapidly forming flood situations, covering the landscape with very little in the way of advanced warning to those in its path, making flash flooding among the most dangerous of all water damage related threats.

In the event of a flash flood warning, leave the area immediately and seek higher ground.  You may only have a matter of minutes in which to save your life.  Stay away from river, creeks, and gullies as they are likely sources for flooding.

If you are in your car, do not attempt to drive through flood waters that are crossing the street, for several reasons.  For starters, you don’t even know if the road is still there beneath the water.  You could find yourself in a newly formed, fast-moving current.  The majority of flood-related deaths are due to people getting trapped in their vehicles.

If you do find yourself trapped in a vehicle being pummeled or swept away by flood waters, it is important to keep your wits about you.  Do not attempt to open the door as the weight of the water will prevent you from doing so.  Instead, roll the window down and get out that way. If the window will not function, wait for the car to fill with water; the pressure will equalize and the door should open.  Yes, that sounds like a death’s door proposition, but when all else has failed, it is your last hope.

Likewise, you should never attempt to walk through flood waters.  It only takes six inches of moving water to knock a grown man off his feet, and less than two feet of flowing water is required to float a full-sized automobile.  If that sounds powerful, it is.  Flood waters have the ability to literally shift a home on its foundation, making it structurally weak and prone to collapse.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to outrun a flood.  You will lose.  Seek higher ground immediately.  Also, be especially cautious at night, as water threats are more difficult to discern in the darkness.

Remember that flash flooding can occur anywhere, at any time, and for any number of reasons.  Having a plan in place before disaster strikes may be what is required to save your life.

Contact your local water damage restoration company in the event of flood damage to your property.

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