Flooding Cleanup
Flood Damage

Flooding Cleanup

Happy New Year!  2016 has already been a busy season for water damage companies.  Flooding is a huge issue in the Central U.S. right now.  While we usually don’t see much flooding until the spring, we are ready to help in any way we can!  Flooding cleanup should begin as soon as possible to avoid further water damage and mold damage problems that can come with it.  If you have major flooding, please call a water damage restoration company as these events can be very dangerous if you don’t have a water damage restoration background.

Here are some actions you should take when your home has flooded!

  1. Know where your shutoffs are!  This includes your water shutoff and electrical shutoff.  Never enter a flooded area that has not had the power cut.  If you’re like me and don’t remember these types of details, keep it posted where you can see it and reach it.  I keep these types of details on my cell phone as I am rarely without it!
  2. There’s a fine line between doing too much and doing too little after a flood.  Once you have contacted a water damage restoration company, you can make room for them or save valuables only if you have shut off your electricity at the shut-off point.  For heavy flooding, we do not advise that you attempt to remove the flooded water yourself.  This water may be unsafe.  Be aware that flooding can also bring snakes and rodents into your home.
  3. Contact a certified water damage restoration company!  Professional water damage restoration companies have been IICRC certified which means they have passed the test in regard to water damage restoration service.  Hiring a water damage restoration company that is not certified can mean errors made and more damage to your home than you bargained for.

Flood damage can be a complicated procedure.  Contact our professional water damage restoration teams when your home has been victimized by flooding.  We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are ready to serve you!  Don’t hire just anyone to manage your flooding cleanup.  Contact a water damage restoration company that is certified and ready 24/7!

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