Flooding in Florida, Alabama, And Surrounding Areas
Flood Damage

Flooding in Florida, Alabama, And Surrounding Areas

Flooding has caused immense water damage throughout Florida’s panhandle and Southern Alabama. Damaging waters have caused road closures – which in turn has made it impossible for EMS and other emergency services to respond to calls in some areas. Emergency personnel have resorted to using boats in many cases to retrieve residents stranded in their flooded homes. Residents in some areas have been asked to stay off the roads as motorists are being swept away by running storm waters.

If you NEED to drive during a flood warning, do not attempt to drive through flooded streets. As little as a foot or two of water can carry your car away. – and you can’t tell how deep the water is from your car or what the road beneath it looks like. Roads in Florida and Alabama have been washed away unbeknownst to motorists trying to cross them. Turn around and find another route.

If your car stalls out due to flooded waters and it is safe to do so, get out and get to higher ground immediately. But be extremely cautious in this situation. If you can’t get out of your vehicle, buckle up. If your engine is still running and being carried away by flood waters, your airbag could go off if you are pushed into another object.

Also, do not attempt to go around roadblocks set by local officials. The road may appear to be only slightly wet or even dry by the roadblock, but it means trouble ahead. Interstate 10 at the Florida/Alabama border is currently shut down due to flooding. Heavy rains have also washed away many roads in that area. Flood waters can and often are deadly. Flooding is not something to be taken lightly.

If you’re at home and have flood damage, stay above it. Do not enter flood waters in your home as there is a risk of electrocution if electric lines were damaged. There is also a risk of a gas leak during flooding so don’t smoke or use anything that would create a spark or flame. Use extreme caution and wait for waters to recede.

The National Weather Service predicts storms through Wednesday afternoon from the central Appalachian area down through Florida’s panhandle. With Florida and Alabama already soaked with flooding and water damage, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please be safe!

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