Floodplains And Their Hidden Benefits
Flood Damage

Floodplains And Their Hidden Benefits

The problems associated with living near a floodplain are obvious, however for the enterprising property owner, there are also a number of benefits that can be had by locating in one of these areas. This should be carefully considered before making any final decision on where to locate a home or business.

Floodplains are often very beautiful locations, not to mention that they have the ability to severely reduce flood effects, channel stormwater runoff, and minimize the threat of water pollution. They also have considerable natural vegetation that filters out impurities.

Floodplains are designed to minimize not only flooding but the erosion that so often goes along with it. Using natural controls to make the most of floodwater storage and conveyance, as well as the reduction in flood water velocities and peaks, they also recharge groundwater through the infiltration of aquifers, thereby causing the reduction in frequency and duration of low surface flows.

Floodplains support the richness of plants and vegetation, providing enhanced biological productivity and integrity of the surrounding ecosystem. Many fish and wildlife species also use floodplains for feeding and breeding grounds.

Floodplains also provide for increased quality of life for residents in the area, transforming the location with parks, bike paths, wide open spaces, as well as wildlife conservation refugees. The attraction for employers, tourists, investors, and residents should be obvious.

Yes, there are still a good number of risks involved with living in or around a floodplain, but the benefits should always be carefully weighed before making any final choice on whether to build or not.  In many cases, you may wind up with a prime, valued property while at the same time saving much in the way of financial resources.

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