Hard Water Damage
Water Damage

Hard Water Damage

One water damage issue in the United States that is not much talked about is hard water.  Hard water is water that has a high mineral content.  While the minerals in hard water may be beneficial to your health, it can cause water damage to your pipes and to your home.  In most states, hard water is a common issue.  Hard water causes water damage by deteriorating your pipes at a much faster rate.  Hard water also causes water damage when hard water mineral buildup causes blockages in your pipes.  Both of these scenarios can easily lead to major water damage issues in your home.

If hard water is an issue in your area, consider water damage prevention in this area.  There are a couple of ways you can fight hard water to avoid the heavy water damage that can come from hard water in your pipes.

The first way to prevent water damage from hard water is with water conditioners.  This is a device that uses filters and electronic pulses to change the structure of the water so minerals do not build up in your pipes or cause your pipes to weaken.  This device protects your pipes and appliances from water damage.  It is available for homes with water tanks or tankless style water heaters.  There is no filter that needs to be maintained as well.  Consider a water conditioner to prevent hard water buildup and breakage in your home.

Water softeners is another option to prevent hard water damage.  Water softeners use salt to pull the minerals out of the water.  When water runs through a water softener, it filters these minerals that cause damage.  Some benefits you’ll find with a water softener include spot free dishes, laundry without residue, no hard water stains on your faucets, and your appliances that use water will last much longer as the effects of hard water will no longer be an issue.  You’ll also notice softer hair and skin!

Hard water targets are typically pipes, the toilet, and your water heater.  Due to the sources, these can be some of the worst water damage areas as well.  Consider using one of the methods above to avoid hard water issues.  Water conditioners and water softeners can also save you money as your appliances won’t have to work so hard to do their job.  Save your home and your wallet from hard water damage!

Contact our water damage restoration professionals day or night with any and all water damage issues you may have!

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