Hard Water Vs. Soft Water
Water Damage

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

Living in the United States, we normally have hard water running through the pipes in our homes. Most homeowners are aware of the effects hard water can have. Some including blockage, wearing down of pipes, mineral build-up, etc. There are some things you can do to help decrease these bothersome effects that can eventually cause water damage.

First off, water softeners. These will make the water that has been treated silky smooth without a trace of minerals. Salt is the main ingredient in this mix. This has the potential to create a problem because of the fact that salt is in the water. Before using this method you must conduct an inspection to see just how hard your water really is.

The second thing would be conditioners! As opposed to the softeners that physically changed the water, this form of cleansing uses devices such as filtration or electronic pulses to ensure that the water will not create the scale build-up. Water must be flowing in order for this to work, still water can degenerate to its original form and cause the backup.

No matter which line of defense you choose, it is important to protect your home from these issues. The difference between hard and soft water is very noticeable. Soft water leaves little to none build-up, not to mention, it is actually better for your health than the hard water is!

If the effects of hard water are causing water damage in your home or if you’d like someone to check for you, contact a water restoration company. We can inspect the pipes in your home to see if replacement and hard water treatment is necessary. Have this done before a minor water damage issue becomes a major one.

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