Hard Winter Causing Flooding And Water Damage
Flood Damage

Hard Winter Causing Flooding And Water Damage

Winter continues to slam the Northeast. The city of Boston and its surrounding areas are seeing record snowfalls. With it, we expect, they will also be seeing record flooding. Snow and melting snow presents a lot of problems in the water damage world. By being aware of these issues and taking some steps to prevent the problems they bring, you may avoid some flooding and water damage caused by snow.

Ice dams cause a lot of problems this time of year. When snow melts on a roof, it drains into the gutters where it sometimes refreezes as temperatures dip again. This process happens over and over – and you’ve got icicles. They’re pretty to look at, but they’re dangerous to deal with and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Ice dams can cause ice and water damage to seep under roof shingles, under siding, and even tear your gutters away from your home. The answer may be as easy as making sure your attic has the insulation it needs to keep your roof from warming up and re-freezing when your heat is on. If ice dams do occur and cause water damage to your home, contact a water damage restoration professional to handle it. These types of repairs can be dangerous in winter months.

Excess snow around your house can also pose problems when snow melting begins. Shovel snow away from your home to keep that excess water away when temperatures warm up. This excess water can seep into tiny cracks in the foundation – making them bigger. Move snow a few feet from your home where it can runoff into the yard instead of toward your home.

Excessive snow on rooftops can also be an issue if you have a very heavy snowfall. If your roof is old or weak due to prior damage, consider hiring a snow removal company to remove snow from your roof after heavy snowfalls. A roof collapse can cause thousands of dollars in water damage and flooding. It can also be very dangerous if this happens while you are home!

We’re almost through the worst of winter. If you have any winter water damage or flooding, have it taken care of by a professional water damage restoration company today. Our experienced water damage and flooding cleanup technicians are available 24/7 to serve you!

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