Help! Water Damage Caused By Fire!
Water Damage

Help! Water Damage Caused By Fire!

I’m sure you’ve seen fire sprinklers in all sorts of places such as home, school, or work. Have you ever wondered what happens when they go off? Other than putting out the fire and relieving others from a dangerous situation, sprinklers can cause a TON of water damage.

Sprinklers are placed in these areas to ensure you and your safety if a fire were ever to break out. But, think about all of that water coming out of the sprinklers. All of that water just sits behind after the fire. Not only is there a possibility of fire damage, but a huge pile of water damage is also there. Sometimes when a fire sprinkler is broken, it will randomly go off. This can be caused by broken pieces, improper installation, overheating, etc. Generally, fire sprinklers put pressure behind the water to ensure that the fire goes out, so this causes even more of a cleanup!

If water has been sitting in the home or business for more than 48 hours, you must remove any carpeting and porous materials should be checked for any mold growth. Every second wasted is another second that water and possibly mold is destroying the structure, walls, ceilings, and personal items in your home.

You don’t have time to waste in cases such as this one. Restoration Local is available to all of our customers around the clock, 365 days a year. Our water restoration technicians are fully licensed and insured. All of our professionals are highly skilled, certified workers who love what they do and have been doing it for years! We will the source, fix the problem, and ensure that it never comes back. Give us a call today!

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