When To Hire A Mold Remediation Company

Do you have mold in your home? If you’ve already tried to clean it, but it keeps coming back you may need to hire a mold remediation company. Mold requires moisture to thrive. If you clean the mold but leave the moisture, it will return within weeks or even days. We look at when it’s safe to remove mold on your own and when to leave it to the pros.

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Do I Have Mold?

Aside from seeing mold, the most common sign of mold is persistent water or moisture. Other indications of a mold problem include musty odors, unusual spots or stains, ceiling and wall discoloration, and water stains.

Although the basement, kitchen, and bathroom are the most common areas for mold, it can grow anywhere there is a persistent water issue. If you are concerned you have mold, it’s best to assume you have mold.

Can I Remove Mold On My Own?

Yes, you can remove mold on your own. In most cases, it’s safe to remove mold in areas up to 10 feet square as long as it’s just surface mold. If the mold is thick or has penetrated walls, cabinets, or other materials, it’s best to hire a remediation company.

How To Remove Mold On Your Own

  1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment – Stay safe when removing mold by wearing pants, long sleeves, gloves, a ventilator, and safety glasses. Additionally, keep children and pets away from the area during removal.
  2. Prevent The Spread Of Mold Spores – Mold can spread during the cleanup, so hang plastic sheeting to protect the rest of your home. Tape the seams together to provide the best protection.
  3. Dispose Of Contaminated Materials – You can’t clean some items, so it’s best to throw away moldy books, paper goods, and any item that is heavily contaminated. Use heavy-duty plastic bags to prevent the spread of mold.
  4. Disinfect Areas With Mold – Kill mold with a solution of 1 and ¼ cups of bleach per gallon of water. Spray the area with the bleach, then wipe the area with a rag. Allow it to dry, then repeat the process until the mold is gone.
  5. Repair The Source Of Moisture – Mold is always a symptom of moisture and it will return as long as the moisture is there. Find and repair the water source to kill the mold permanently.

Do I Need A Mold Test Or Inspection?

In most cases, a test is unnecessary if you can clearly see mold. Knowing the exact type of mold doesn’t change the remediation process. If you’re concerned about mold but can’t see it, a visual inspection can help.

A mold contractor will check for water sources and look for other signs of mold. In some cases, they may poke holes in walls to get a better view. Once they see mold, they can determine the best course for remediation.

However, some states do require mold tests before beginning removal. Although this does increase the cost of remediation, these are consumer protections intended to prevent fraud.

When Should I Hire A Mold Remediation Company?

Have you cleaned the mold several times, but it keeps coming back? Is there a visible difference in the size of the mold from one day to the next? A mold removal company has the training, experience, and equipment to get rid of persistent mold growth in your home.

You Should Hire A Mold Removal Company If…

  • Regular disinfecting does not kill the mold.
  • You cannot safely remove the mold on your own.
  • The mold covers more than 10 square feet.
  • You have mold allergies or respiratory illnesses.
  • The mold is thick or is clearly growing through walls or cabinets.
  • You cannot locate the source of moisture.
  • The mold continues to grow even when treated with bleach.

A restoration company doesn’t just remove the mold, they repair the cause of the moisture too. Plus, they will test for mold after completing the remediation process. This ensures that you get rid of your mold problem once and for all.

If you can see mold but cannot remove it safely on your own, it might be time to hire a mold remediation company. Our directory of restoration contractors includes independent companies and popular brands like Belfor Restoration and PuroClean. Find a mold removal contractor near you now or call 1-888-443-3110 for immediate service from our on-call contractor nearest you.

Author: Jeff Rooks

Jeff Rooks writes restoration content that helps homeowners restore their lives after a disaster or accident. Most days, you can find him cycling through Tampa. He also enjoys exploring new and delicious food and beverages around the world.

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