Historical Flood Damage Events
Flood Damage

Historical Flood Damage Events

The floods of 2010 were among the worst in Tennessee history, not to mention the US as a whole, affecting Middle and Western Tennessee, as well as parts of Kentucky and Mississippi, with two day rain totals of over 19 inches, and twenty-one deaths reported in Tennessee alone, with more casualties in neighboring states.  Damage estimates in Nashville TN alone totaled over $1.5 billion.

Much like Atlanta in 2009, Nashville was one of those areas that you didn’t normally think about when you considered the possibility of floods.  No doubt many people were not only caught unawares as the waters began to rise and advance on their homes, but they had in all probability neglected to take out flood insurance as part of their homeowners’ policy.

In the event of such a disaster, it is important that water damage cleanup begin as soon as possible.  Water can go beyond the effects of the initial event and continue damaging property and structures for days and months to come if not properly treated.  Water left in structural members will eventually weaken those members, rendering the residence or business unsafe to enter.

In addition, mold can propagate quickly in such a damp environment, producing a problem that is not only difficult to eradicate, but that can also give rise to a variety of health issues, from mild allergic reactions to lung and heart problems and even death.

The time to act is now before you find yourself hip deep in rising flood waters.  Contact your local water damage cleanup professionals to take care of your home and possessions.  They bring the training, skill, and experience necessary to fully repair and restore your damaged home to its former beauty.

The best defense is a good offense. Don’t wait, call today.

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