How Trees Cause Water Damage
Water Damage

How Trees Can Become a Source Of Water Damage

I love a big yard, preferably one with a lot of trees, bushes, shrubs, and other foliage.  I like a yard that is so full that you might find Japanese soldiers hiding there not knowing the war is over.  Unfortunately, unless you really enjoy yard work, you’re not going to get much out of the level of maintenance that is required to keep such a yard healthy and growing from season to season.  Some folks believe in the do it yourself approach, while others bring in professional landscapers in order to keep the yard alive and prospering.

Unfortunately, there are a number of mistakes that can be made when it comes to planting trees, mistakes that could result in costly and devastating water damage to your home. Planting large trees and shrubs near the foundation of the home can cause roots to grow up against the blocks or beneath the blocks. This may cause stress on the foundation that may lead to erosion and cracks. This allows groundwater to seep into the lower level of your home.

All trees and shrubs should be planted far enough away from the home to allow the root system ample room to grow and spread out, providing ample nourishment for the trees while preventing any unwanted contact with the foundation of your home. Remember that tree roots can spread far and wide from the base of the tree, and they are very strong, fully able to wrap around move and damage any objects that get in their way. Water pipes and sewer lines may be easily cracked under the stress of root systems.

But the problem isn’t just underground. There is plenty that goes on up top that can present a water damage hazard. Trees planted too near to the home means branches that scrape up against the side of the home, which can result in the scratching of siding and window panes. If a tree is tall enough, broken limbs may land on the roof.  A big enough limb can poke a hole in your roof, allowing rain to get in. A fallen limb, if not removed, may also break down over time and result in debris which can easily clog up your gutters and downspouts.  Downed limbs also provide ample shelter for small animals to make nests on, in, and around your roof.

Another problem with plants being too near the foundation is the propensity for water to accumulate near the base of your home.  It is always important to choose planting locations that are far enough away to prevent any possible water problems in the home.

Trees and shrubs should be cut back and trimmed regularly in order to keep them both attractive and away from the foundation or walls of the home.

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