Water Damage To Your Home
Water Damage

Identifying Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage comes in many shapes and forms and can be either easy or complicated to identify.  Knowing the signs and just making routine observations can help you identify if there is water damage.

Some of the common signs of water damage are water stains, discoloration, cracks in walls, ceilings or the foundation, leaks around pipes and gutters, and damaged or missing roof shingles.

If you’ve experienced a roof leak, then the end result will be circles and discoloration in the ceiling and walls and possibly buckling or squeaking of the floor from water becoming trapped.  However, if the roof leak is slow and settles inside drywall, it is much harder to identify.

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Look for changes to the appearance of your roof, such as loose shingles, ends curled, cracked or missing pieces.  These signs can certainly help identify if the roof has water damage. Periodically observing any changes or damage to the roof or siding can be clues to quickly identify if water damage might occur and perhaps allow time to make some adjustments or repairs to prevent it.

Checking pipes underneath the sink for evidence of leaks can identify pipes or joints that are loose or worn that should be tightened or replaced.

Gutters and downspouts sometimes become clogged with leaves and other obstructions.

Often much harder to immediately identify is water damage to the foundation or cement. Once the damage begins to show cracks or become unleveled, sometimes, serious damage has already occurred.

Easier to identify that water damage has occurred is if you experience a musty smell when entering a room or basement. This often occurs when water was left behind from an overflow, leak or too much humidity that did not thoroughly dry out.  This sets up an environment for mold to take over and grow.

Being observant of some of the more common trouble areas and performing routine checkups can help identify water damage.

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