Importance of Thorough Cleanup after a Flood
Flood Damage

Importance of Thorough Cleanup after a Flood

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood is a very stressful and often time’s people wonder if their home will ever be able to look like it did before the water damage. A lot of homeowners try to take care of flooding themselves, taking the time to pump out all water intrusion as well as drying the area out. However, most people do not realize how important it is to thoroughly clean all areas of the home that were affected by flooding.

No matter if you are dealing with the entire house being flooded, or a flooded basement it is imperative to pay attention to detail when cleaning up your home. When flooding intrudes upon the borders of your home it brings in a lot more than just the water. Groundwater from outside can contain a number of contaminants such as fertilizers and pesticides that are very hazardous to come into contact with. Even after the water is removed from the home these chemicals and fertilizers will still remain on the walls, floors, and carpets of your home unless the time is taken to clean the home extensively.

In addition to groundwater bringing in fertilizers and contaminants, flooding also results in sewage backup. When sewage backs up during a flood, feces and another fecal matter mix with the water and commonly enter the home along with everything else. Aside from the unsettling idea of sewage and fecal matter entering your home, it can also result in a lot of health-related problems. In understanding everything that flooding brings into your home other than water it is easy to know why it is so important to extensively clean your home after a flood.

It is recommended to clean and scrub the contaminated area at least twice. When cleaning the area multiple times it is also important to let the room dry before starting on the next scrub. Cleanup after a flood can be a difficult task and that’s why it is recommended to have a water damage company clean the area for homeowners. Water restoration specialists have the expertise to know what kind of contaminants have entered your home and the best method for cleanup. Water damage experts also have the ability to get into the cracks, walls, floorboards and other hard to get places that are important to clean after flooding. Overall, it is important to make sure your home is free from all contaminants and bacteria that are brought in during a flood.

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