Keep Mold Out Of The Bathroom
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Keep Mold Out of the Bathroom

In terms of preventing mold, your bathrooms are one of the hardest areas to keep clean and mold free because of their very nature. The hot humid nature of a bathroom is an ideal environment for promoting mold growth. This is especially true when your bathroom is located in a small, poorly ventilated area, as bathrooms often are. Ideally, bathrooms would have ventilation in the form of fans or windows that can be opened. Mold is hazardous in your home because it causes certain respiratory and health problems when there is any level of exposure. There are many different species of mold, some of which are innocuous and others that are very dangerous. Because there are so many varied threats from mold, it is necessary to ensure that your bathroom is as clean as possible. Make sure you keep mold out of the room that you use to clean yourself.

Mold prevention is important to keep up the hygiene of your bathroom. There are a few small steps you can take to prevent mold in your bathroom in addition to regularly inspecting all the possible mold growth areas. The plumbing around your shower and sink in addition to the seals of the sink and the shower door or curtains should all be regularly checked and cleaned. A solution of bleach is useful for removing the starting elements of mold growth. The area that is most likely to be in danger for mold growth is your shower. It is constantly wet and hot. As it is the area that you clean in, bodily oils and grimes can build up in improperly cleaned areas. Make sure that your drains are also clear to ensure minimum back up or flooding. These conditions can bring up the elements that you thought were flushed away, leaving them to coat and grow in your shower or bathroom tub. Any place where water can build up is a place where mold growth can be present. Make sure to wipe down shower walls and the floor area, taking care never to leave it sopping wet. An anti-fungal spray can be found in most common department and hardware stores as well.

Mold also grows on objects in your bathroom, because it is so humid every day. Items that are constantly wet or sitting on wet surfaces are likely targets for mold build up in addition to the items sitting behind the toilet such as cleaners or trashcans. All of these items can constantly be wet and retaining water underneath them. This is the perfect environment for mold to grow at a fast pace. Attempt to police the useless items around the shower and sink areas, such as empty bottles of product or unused soap containers. Another ubiquitous object in your bathroom are tiles. The grouting between tiles is constantly in danger of molding and it should be checked and cleaned weekly in addition to watching the grout sealing at the seams of showers, sinks, and other areas that receive high water traffic. In all cases, it is better to use a professional mold remediation company when you suspect that your bathroom is heavily infested with mold. Most of these steps are simple preventative measures. When mold has passed a certain point, it is dangerous and must be handled by an expert.

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