What Makes Our Basement Flood Cleanup Services Exceptional?
Flood Damage

What Makes Our Basement Flood Cleanup Services Exceptional?

We don’t happen to engage our basement frequently because almost everything stored there is not for daily use. You find yourself going to the basement twice or thrice a week. It literally irritates waking up one morning to find your basement flooded and your valuables soaked in water. That’s the most disappointing thing that can kick-start your day. How then do you handle such mishaps? That remains the main confusion among many homeowners because they don’t know where to start or what step to take first.

General Guidelines and Steps to Take

  • It is imperative that you first turn off the main electricity switch to the basement. You definitely need to access the basement to assess the water level and the extent of damage. You can’t risk this with the basement power on because that would be suicidal in itself.
  • Protect yourself. You still don’t know the cause of the flood yet. There could be some hot water down there or some sewage water, which may cause you severe bacterial or fungal infections. Wear gloves, gumboots and some sort of protective clothes like an overall.
  • Determine the cause of the flood. Common causes of flood in your basement may include broken water pipes, damaged sewerage system, blocked drainage system or even leaking basement walls. In some cases, the water may be leaking from the basement floors.

It is advisable that you open the basement windows to avoid suffocation in the event the flood was caused by blockage in the septic tank. It is only then that you can embark on primary remedies such as using your sump pump to remove the water before contacting the services of basement flood cleanup specialists.

Why engage us for remedy

We are highly skilled in basement restoration services including diligent cleanup and maintenance services. With highly trained and vastly experienced staff and other service providers, we guarantee you awesome results that reinstate your basement to its original stature. Some of our best practices that set us apart include:

Moisture Detectors

Your sump pump may remove all the water but that does not guarantee you a moisture-free basement. Moisture can be the main cause of mold and other funny growths in your basement, which are severely dangerous to your family’s health and the condition of items that you store in the basement. That’s why you should never assume the flood’s persistent presence. We use highly advanced moisture detection equipment capable for locating any slight drop of water or moisture wherever it may hide.

Water Removal

The water level may exceed your capacity to handle and remove it all. We have equipment designed to remove the moisture and flooding water and start the drying process immediately. No matter the type of basement floor or the condition of water, all you are guaranteed is a nice dry floor and basement walls after the operation.

Dehumidification and Disinfectant Sprayers

It is not only a matter of detecting moisture and removing water completely; you need a moisture-free basement at all times. A dehumidification system ensures that your basement is ever moisture-free and always dry. That’s why we are at your services in real-time, equipping your basement with dehumidifiers to guarantee you a safe storage or living place. We also offer spraying services including disinfectant sprayers such as anti-mold to prevent mold growth in your basement.

With emergency services offered 24/7 all year round, we also offer free price quotations. The quotation will help you plan your resources before you embark on the problem-solving process. Please contact us for quality service delivery, ultimate basement flood cleanup and maintenance of your basement.

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